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Wild Ride Cheats

Wild Ride

Cheat Codes:
While playing, type holyheck! Larry's cheat menu will pop up, 
giving you access to the keypad cheats and other fun stuff.

Re-Entry       - Allows contests to be re-entered
Extra life     - Self-explanatory 
Score          - Awards extra points
Summon Semjase - UFO flies overhead

Enable keypad cheat keys:

Enables the following cheat keys on the numerical keypad
[Keypad 9] - Speed up
[Keypad 3] - Slow down
[Keypad 1] - Wipe out
[Keypad 2] - Wipe out and lose a life 

Beach nav mode:
Alters the navigation on the beach scene, making somewhat similar to Doom.

TRON mode:

Music information:
Click on Leroy.
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