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Wildlife Zoo Cheats

Wildlife Zoo

lots of cash:
Submitted by: Pow

First, to get lots of cash, start the zoo with 2 panda bears, don't add any zoo keepers 
or a green house. Plus, don't add a zoo entrance yet. First of all this hint would work 
better if your zoo started with 1 million something dollars. Then to make the panda's 
home make a fenced area. Add the soil which should be foliage, make a pond deep enough 
for the pandas to swim. make some small little hills here & there. Put a small shelter. 
Then scatter five bamboo plants everywhere in the exhibit. They will eat the bamboo plants. 
Finally, add the 2 pandas male and female. Satisfy their need like if they need a heating 
unit/cooling unit. Wait until the pandas have 8 babies then sell all of the baby pandas, 
NOT the adult ones. If your zoo has less than 1 million something dollars, you might need 
to sell more than 8 panda babies when the adult pandas have them. It would be better to sell 
the babies when they're worth 250 000 dollars. Your zoo money might end up being 3 million 
something dollars. Now you can spend your money on what ever item you want. If your pandas 
have more babies you can sell them too.

Gene Lab:
Submitted by: RM

Click the "Research" button in the Gene Lab menu. 
The, click the "Build Animal" button on your main toolbar. 
Where the normal animals normally appear, prehistoric animals will pop up. 
They cost a lot of money. For example, the Basilos will cost $10 million.

Big Animals / Changing Prices:
Submitted by: bobZob

go to your program files, open dreamcatcher then wildlife zoo
open "Init" folder select "animals" open any animal file in notepad or other word processer 
the scroll down until you see "scalebaby/female/male:" change value to a larger number 
(keep .0) then play game usually the animal is bigger (sometimes it doesn't work e.g. saurian)

to change prices
open any other file in "Init" folder (you can do animals too if you want) open the config. 
settings file and scroll down until you see "price:" then change it to a smaller (or larger 
if youre stupid) number then play wildlife zoo the prices will be changed

Strange Plants:
Submitted by: BobZob

ok so i discovered the big animals/changing prices and i forgot to say this: ok so in the plant "Init" 
files (they are mostly pretty short i think) at the bottom there is offerforage/vegetables/bamboo/fruit: 
#.# and you can change the forage/vegetables/bamboo/fruit to flesh or fish and in the game the plants 
will give that reserve. also in the plant "Init" files you can change the #.#'s to larger values to 
make the plants do things that they wouldn't normally do. if you try saving the files when youre done 
with them (you must do this for it to work) a dialogue box sometimes comes up that says access denied 
to fix this copy the whole wildlife zoo folder and place it in your documents (this takes awhile) 
then to play you can use the wz application in the new folder.

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