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White Room Cheats

White Room

Submitted by: RM

1. From the start point, zoom in on the bin the corner and collect 
   the strange purple blocks that are inside.
2. Zoom out and then look on the shelf to collect the remote control.
3. Move to the left and then zoom directly in on the bike. Collect 
   the yellow block that is on the engine.
4. Move left and collect the key from on top of the roller door.
5. Zoom out and then move left. Zoom in on the book on the table and 
   read it through for some clues.
6. Collect the piece of paper that falls out.
7. Look under the table and collect the bracket that is on the floor, 
   the long hook and finally the hook that is in the table leg.
8. Zoom out, move left and zoom in on the poster. Collect the red block 
   that is hidden on the advert. (It moves from game to game and sometimes 
   it is very hard to see.
9. Move left and then click up to the ceiling. Use the hook to get the 
   other piece of paper from the ceiling. You should spot you now have the 
   alphabet in Morse code.
10. OK zoom in on the bike again and circle it until you see the other key 
    on the floor by the rear wheel. Pick this up.
11. Navigate around the bike until you’re looking at the saddle. Use the 
    key you found on the roller door to unlock the saddle and get the spanner.
12. Move to the front of the bike and use the spanner to attach the light 
    bracket to the bike.
13. Navigate around until your facing the table. Click on the wire leading 
    up from the box on the wall. Insert the other key to turn the power on.
14. Navigate down and zoom in on the lower box. Open it to reveal a red and a 
    blue button. You will notice by pressing them you can tap out the Morse 
    code equivalent to the letters of the alphabet. As you get the letters 
    correct the password will appear in the box. For those that don’t like 
    messing around the password is OPEN.
15. Zoom out and you will notice as if my magic a blue door has appeared in 
    the wall.
16. Zoom in on the blue door and click it to open it. Collect the blue chip 
    that is inside.
17. Highlight the remote control in your inventory and then click it to flip 
    it over. Fit the blue, yellow and red chips into the back of it.
18. By toggling through the various colours on the remote control you can now 
    examine three other ‘rooms’ behind the door. Collect the bike light from 
    the blue room, the binoculars from the red room and the mirror from the 
    yellow room.
19. Move round to the roller doors and then zoom in on the small hole on the 
    right hand side. Place the hook into the hole and then hook the mirror 
    onto the hook.
20. Move back to the front of the bike and fit the light onto the bracket.
21. Go up to the bike controls and put the key in the slot.
22. Navigate round so you’re looking in the dark window at the back of the 
    garage. Zoom in on the square on the wall and use the binoculars to read 
    the code.
23. Navigate round to the bike controls again and enter the code. Ah but where’s 
    the number 6 I hear your cry, well if you click the right hand bike handle 
    you’ll see it.
24. Navigate down to the lock that was on the wheel. It’s now unlocked so it 
    can be moved out of the way and the final block (purple) can be collected. 
    Fit this into the remote control and move back to the blue door.
25. Use the remote to reveal the final purple door. Zoom in and then it’s back 
    to Morse code and you need to use the purple blocks to spell out a word 
    again. Just remember to position the blocks from left to right, even if it’s 
    only a 2 or 1 dash or dot letter.
26. And for those with no patience to work through the alphabet the word you 
    need here is ‘HELP’
27. Press the button and get the final yellow key. Move back to the bike controls 
    and insert the yellow key (not forgetting to remove the first key!) press the 
    number 6 button and the bike will start and crash into the doors, giving you 
    a way to escape.
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