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Whiplash 1 Cheats

Whiplash 1

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Dj Simo

Enter these in your name under config menu

Code             Result
{nothing)     -  Will display MR DULL in name, makes announcer sound dull
LOVEBUN       -  Secret Car
MAYTE         -  Another Secret Car
TINKLE        -  Another Secret Car
SUICYCO       -  Another Secret Car
2X4B523P      -  Another Secret Car
FORMULA1      -  Access Second Set of Cars
SUPERMAN      -  Invincible Human Cars
DR DEATH      -  Destruction Mode
DUEL          -  Killer Opponents
GOLDBOY       -  Access Premier Cup
MREPRISE      -  Access Bonus Cup
MR ZOOM       -  Speeds up the game
TACHYONS      -  Speeds up the game to an unplayable rate
TINYTOTS      -  Thin Cars
YOTARACE      -  Huge Tracks
MRFROSTY      -  Icy Roads
WARPGATE      -  Cars continually shrink and grow
CINEMA        -  Widescreen Mode
CUP WON       -  See End Sequence
I WON         -  See Race Win
ROLL EM       -  See Credits
FREAKY        -  Weird Coloring
TOPTUNES      -  Alternative Sounds
REMOVE        -  Remove Cheats

Secret cars:
There are five secret cars in the game. The MAYTE code allows you go to top 
speed and stay there as long as you hold the cheat button. The SUICYCO code 
allows you to cause the car nearest and in range to explode when the cheat 
button is pressed. However, if you run into it too soon, it will act like a 
normal car: you will bounce back. The TINKLE code allows you to cause the 
car nearest and in range to "jump" straight up into the air when the cheat 
button is pressed. This is useful if you have to pass a pesky car that will 
not allow you through. Use the 2X4B523P code and press the cheat button 
during a race. The car nearest and in range will suddenly flip onto its top 
and spin for a short time. The LOVEBUN code unlocks a Formula 1 car, with 
nothing apparent that happens if you press the cheat button during a race.
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