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Westward 2 Heroes of the Frontier Cheats

Westward 2 - Heroes of the Frontier

Quest Hints:
As far as I can tell, there are four secret things you can unlock in this game.

If you build 10 Flower Pots, you will unlock the ability to build BEEHIVES! 
Beehives add a +3 to your food but they also give you the SECRET BEAR! The Bear
will automatically go with you on Gunslinger Quests and will do heavy damage to
your enemies! 

Make sure you have all available Gunslingers, sheriff and deputies BEFORE starting 
this quest! NOTE: Unlock the Secret Bear too! As soon as the quest starts, the town 
will burn. Try to save the General Store if you can and buy dynamite (if you want to 
gather all the treasure) if not, save the farm. The most important aspect is beating 
the bad guys though so don’t bother trying to save the town. You pretty much can’t. 
After “White Way, Wong Way” you have the choice of chasing after either Mr. White or 
Mr. Wong. No matter who you choose, the other one will set fire to your main town as 
soon as you return to it. The only thing you can do is try to save as many buildings 
as possible and re-build your town before you can continue on any quests. It can get 
frustrating (I had 61 fires at once!!) but by then, you should have a nice stockpile 
of supplies. 

This one is tricky. You need to find two halves of a key but you have to complete 3 
or 4 side-quests to do it.: The first half is in the pool near the Trading Post (1st 
side-quest) After completing the Trading Post Quest, do the “Cakey Bakey” and “Tornado 
Alley” Quests (more on that later) After that, wade into the stream to reach the one 
pool that can only be reached via the stream (You can’t build a bridge to it and you’
ll have to destroy/re-build) bridges to get to it. Once to get the other key-half, 
you need to complete another quest in order to re-instate the only Blacksmith that 
can fix the key back into his shop. I can’t remember the name of the quest but you’ll
need as many gunslingers as possible to complete it. 
HINT: I stationed them all around the Town Hall and kept buying health kits to keep 
them alive while I built the Bank.

You can’t continue the main quest until all the side quests are done!

Ok, This one was pretty tricky. You need to ultimately build and maintain ~exactly~ 25 
buildings and have an overall happiness of 120, all while multiple tornadoes hit your 
town (!!!) in order to win. It took some time, but here’s what I did. 
Establish your main needs (Food, Water, Gold, Wood) There is a limited supply of wood 
so start mining as much gold as possible and get the Trading Post Built ASAP You’ll also 
face multiple gunslinger attacks so after a while, I just put my hero near where the 
gunslingers enter (Far upper right corner of the screen) He stayed there and killed 
gunslingers (which gave me extra $$) while I used the Townsfolk to build the rest of 
the Town. Luxury buildings that raise happiness (Gazebos, Flowerpots, Outhouses and 
Welcome signs) do not count as your original buildings so make sure you have these 
unlocked BEFORE you start this quest! Build as many luxury buildings as you can while 
maintaining any buildings damaged by tornadoes. NOTE: You can build too many luxury 
buildings! You can click on each luxury to see how many happiness points it gives you. 
If you don’t see any happiness points, you’ve built too many so knock it down. 
Damaged buildings lower happiness so stay on top of them! Max out your population to 
40 but start destroying houses and shacks and only build HOTELS (raises Town Happiness) 
Here’s the tricky part… Once you have a lot of Townspeople (I maxed out to 40) and you 
can purchase a good supply of wood, start destroying any severely damaged building and 
hotels! Now, try to keep a harmonious balance as you rid the town of as many people as 
possible! They will get drunk and drastically lower happiness but as long as they have 
no job and no home, they will eventually leave. Once you get it down to about 15 people,
(and all the drunks leave and all the buildings are maintained and there are 25 buildings 
ONLY, plus all your luxuries) your happiness meter will suddenly skyrocket! 

This is another tricky one. You need to provide increasing numbers of flour (food) in a 
short span of time (15 bags in 1 minute, 25 in 3 minutes, 35 in 4 minutes, 45 in 5 minutes 
and 55 in 6 minutes). I walked around and gathered all the wood and gold I could BEFORE 
I walked too near the bakery. That way I had more resources to start with. Collect nearby 
food to get past the first flour requirement while you set your 2 citizens to build their 
farm. If you can build your food capacity up to 55 - 65 ASAP, then all you have to do is 
make sure you're making is as fast as you can. There are fish in the nearby stream. Once 
you’ve built granaries to hold 55+ food, put your hero in the stream and keep him fishing!
This took me about 4-5 tries but once I got my strategy down, I cleared it no problem. 

You need to give the small town’s landlord 1,2000 which seems impossible since he takes 
your property for non-payment. I beat this level by building a LOT of Wells because the 
landlord took the wells first and they were the cheapest to build. 

There are 4 wells and 4 boxes. Use the gravel on the sulfur well, the netting on the 
junk well, the baking soda on the iron well and the dried pine sap on salty well. 
NOTE: You need to do ONE box and ONE Well at a time! If you open all the boxes at 
once, you’ll have to re-start the level! 

I am kicking myself for not writing down the spy’s name but I do know that it’s a 
woman. Just accuse all the women and clear the board by process of elimination.

Submitted by: Alissa

First town - fish ALL 4 or 5 fish spots until done - last fish has paper in its mouth 
which starts the treasure hunt. % cow in the main area, one across the 
river, one in the water which you need dynamite to blow up the rock and build a bridge 
to the ramp into water (do not remember where the others are) then you go to the biggest 
tree on the map. You can get to it by going to the SE area of the map and then walk up 
onto the rocks to the left and around to the tree.

Working on the second treasure hunt and how to unlock the sheep......unless someone there 
already knows....then you can email me that info???
thanks Alissa

Submitted by: Stephanie

In the second town you need to build all 3 farms and with all 3 different produce and all 
3 ranches with all 3 different animals, you will then be notified that there is a wild 
horse. You find the horse at the N.E entrance. Lead the horse to the water well, you can
lead the horse but you cant make him drink. A pop-up will show for WILD LIFE ROUND UP. 
Complete this quest and you will get your sheep.

Submitted by. ariana

Village Spy:
It's the first person (woman) you encounter

Secret awards:
I got the treasure chests award but what on earth are the other 2?

2nd Treasure Hunt:
You have to build a well in the sandy pit with the 3 cow skeletons. Try building something 
else first and it will give way. You'll get a key.
(The pit that's in the top which took me forever to figure out what to do with)

Secret susquatch:
Complete one of the disaster challenges to get the award and you'll have the susquatch.

To get the final hidden badge (the three amigos) you must have 3 good guy gunfighters:
Submitted by: skathbri

What are the final missing pieces. When you complete the second treasure it says something
about plans with pipes for a new fountain? how do you get it? thanks.

Fountain plans:
Submitted by: ariana

If you don't unlock the fountain before you open the rusty door, then those fountain plans 
unlock the fountain for you (ie, you don't have to purchase) I think that's all it's for.

Submitted by: ariana

Village Spy's Name:
Candice Cutler

Sheep Farms and General Store Items:
If you have 3 sheep farms, cloth will appear on the shelf below the honey in the General Store.
What about the top shelf? Is there some other secret building?

Submitted by: Dinca

Complete the Wide Life Roundup quest and you will get sheep. Make 3 sheep farms and cloth 
will appear on the shelf below the honey in the General Store.

Add gunslinger:
Submitted by: slovencaesar

Just destroy your saloon and build another, you can get extra gunslinger by doing this.

Submitted by: Gunslinger

Build a church and cemetery in one of your games. When one of your deputies or sherriffs 
die, a tomb stone is raised in there honor. This only seems to work for your hired hands. 
It does not work for your main character or for bandits you might kill.

The three amigos award:
Submitted by: mytmowse

After finishing all the other secrets quests/awards mentioned here I figured out the last 
award. To get the Three Amigos award you have to hire 3 of the gunslingers with the white 
hats that look like the Lone Ranger. They cost more than the regular gunslingers. 
Someone suggested destroying and rebuilding the saloons, hiring one each time they come up. 
But this can be very costly and time-consuming. Simply hire whatever gunslingers are 
available and send the gunslingers that aren't the right type to one of the groups of 
bandits hanging at the edge of the map. They will promptly dispatch of them, and you can 
hire another. Repeat until you've hired the 3 white hats, and their hats will turn black 
when you receive the award.

Submitted by: Kimberlie

So I figured it out with a little help from others who led me in the right direction. 
The third item for the General Store shelf is a pumpkin pie, and to get it you need to build 
2 wheat farms and 3 pumpkin farms, and employ at least one person at each. If anyone knows if 
there's something that goes in the last gray square in the build 3 menu 
I would appreciate a tip!

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