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Well of Souls Cheats

Well of Souls

Enter one of the following codes in camp or battle to 
activate the cheat function. 
Note: Enabling the codes will mark you as a cheater, 
and you cannot give anything or attack anyone until 
you get attacked by them in camp or battle. 

Result                                       Code 
Get indicated amount of gold                /give g<0-1000000>  
Get indicated spell                         /give s  
Get indicated token                         /give t  
Get indicated item                          /give i  
Remove indicated amount of gold             /take g<0-1000000>  
Remove indicated spell                      /take s  
Remove indicated token                      /take t  
Remove indicated item                       /take i  
Jump to indicated scene                     /scene   
One of each item                            /gimme  
Restore HP and MP                           /inn  
Show monster locations on map               /monster  
Summon enemies                              /fight   
Fight enemy at indicated level              /fight l  
Display debug information                   /funpak  
Reload quest files                          /reload  
Set gossip channel number                   /tune   
Toggle chat bubbles                         /bubbles  
Display frame rate                          /fps  
Set away from keyboard message              /afk   
Send message to everyone in the world       /shout   
Send message to whisper                     /w   
Enable special effect in scene; 0 disables  /fx  
Change weather in scene; 9 is snowstorm     /weather  
Toggle seance mode                          /seance  
Add word to personal censor                 /bleep   
Remove word from personal censor            /unbleep   

1. The enemies vary. Some will not be enemies.

Quick PP:
Learn a level one spirit or nature magic that can lower the enemies status. 
Go someplace that has weak enemies such as Jellys and cast the spell until 
your MP is depleted. You will get about 200 PP by casting with WIS 255, 
allowing you get about 5,000 PP in an hour.

You need two or more people for this trick to work. Get a level 1 Jelly. 
Enchant, then tame it. Then, go into Macgyver Castle. Make a camp. Note: 
Only the person making the camp can click on the lock. Set the Jelly free. 
Then, right click on the lock as fast as possible (at the top right of the 
screen), while the person that wants the PP attacks with his normal weapon 
(no spells). Keep doing this until you have the desired amount of PP. If your 
Wisdom is 200+, you can easily gain hundred of thousands of PP in a very short time.

Raise pet's stats:
The best way to do this trick is with an auto-clicker (for example, the 
RuneScape Auto Miner). Go to your "Equip" section, and select "Train Pet". 
From there, select the pet you wish to have stats go up for. For the auto-clicker, 
press [Ctrl] + A once your mouse is over the "Play Game" selection 
(the Frisbee-looking picture). Set your "Intervals" to "600", and make sure your 
event is "Left Click". Next, press [Crtl] + R to start it. It will now automatically 
play that game with your pet for as long as desried. After awhile, you will notice 
the stats slowly rising by one (Wisdom, Stamina, etc.). Do it as long as desired or 
until you max out the pet. Without the auto-clicker, just keep pressing the 
Frisbee-looking picture in the "Train Pet" area. 

Keep pet longer:
In the game, your pet lives for 15 hours. You can extend this time limit by going 
into a camp that you make, then the Pokegatchi Pen. Afterwards, select "Set Pet Free". 
Your pet will appear on screen. Re-capture it, but you must clean it up as it will 
be just as dirty, hungry, etc. as when you first caught it. The time will then go 
back to 0:00 for the age.

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