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World Cup 98 Cheats

World Cup '98

Secret Moves:
Submitted by: marianh

Key       Effect
Alt+A   - Acrobatic Rainbow Flip
Alt+S   - Fool the defender
alt + D - Flip
Alt+E   - Fool the defender and control the ball
Alt=W   - Turbo sprint

Submitted by: arun prakash

Just like FIFA98:RTWC, change the players' name to one of the
cheat codes and press enter. After entering all the cheat codes,
press back to undo the changes so that player's real name is not
changed. Now go back to the main menu and press Scroll lock to 
activate the cheat menu.

Code      Effect
Zico    - Enable 1982 Classic Match 
Hurst   - Enable '82,'74,'70,'66 Classic Match 
Kenny   - Flaming Ball 
Gabo    - Big heads 
Kyle    - Skeleton players 
Cartman - Take a dive 
Gonzo   - Hot potato 
Mr Hat  - Crazy Ball 
Powder  - Silly Moves 
Neila   - Alien Mode
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