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Warriors Orochi Cheats

Warriors Orochi

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

In-Game Movies:
Most movies in the game become unlockable to view at any time 
rather easily. The Intro sequence and the Credits sequence can 
be unlocked simply by starting to play through the game. 
What's more, you can see the ending sequences for any of the 
main characters by completing their story in its entirety.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the movie. 

Credits         - Complete any Story mode
Introduction    - Start any Story mode
Sengoku Ending  - Complete the Samurai Warriors Story mode
Shu Ending      - Complete the Shu Story mode
Wei Ending      - Complete the Wei Story mode
Wu Ending       - Complete the Wu Story mode

Fourth weapons:
Get weapons on stages with three or more stars under the Hard 
difficulty setting; or any stage under the Chaos difficulty setting.

Last Gaiden stages:
As the indicated faction, complete the listed task in Stage 7 to 
unlock their Last Gaiden stage. 

Sengoku - Get 1,000 KOs
Shu     - Escape from the burning castle in less than two minutes 
          (all friendly officers as well)
Wei     - Defeat the defected Da Ji in less than one minute
Wu      - Rescue the Sun family in less than three minutes

Unlockable: Characters:
To unlock the following characters from Samurai Warriors, fulfill 
the requirement listed.

Kotaro Fuuma     - during Wei Story Mode, kill him after all of the 
                   supply troops have reached headquarters in chapter 2x 
Lady No          - stop all messengers from leaving the map in Wu Story 
                   Mode (chapter 3x) 
Mitsunari Ishida - complete the second stage of the Wei Story Mode 
Nene             - during the Wei Story (chapter 3x), eliminate the Nene 
                   Clones within four minutes of their initial appearance 
Nobunaga Oda     - default character 
Oichi            - complete the Wei Story Mode 
Okuni            - complete the third stage of the Wei Story Mode

Alternate Costumes:
Every character in the game has a default costume and an alternate costume. 
To access the alternate costume, simply go to the character selection menu. 
Select your character and press the Circle button. This should change the 
character’s costume into its alternate form. To switch it back, simply 
press Circle again.
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