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Warriors of Legend Cheats

Warriors of Legend

STRENGTH:           21645     
WISDOM:             21646
INTELLEGENCE:       21647     
AGILITY:            21648
STEALTH:            21649

HEALTH PLAYER #1: 7D92C     


TIP #2
A bit north-west of that Mythril armor shop there's a guy selling 
lockpicks. Buy one set for 200 gold. (now you can open locked doors 
for extra goodies).

TIP #3
STEAL STEAL STEAL!!! In this game, you dont play totally "moral" 
Remember that it is a world where thieves are lords. So everytime 
you enter a house, scan everywhere on boxes, pots, plants etc... 
If your cursor becomes a little white cross, get the goodies!

You can either keep these goods for yourself (equipment, weapons, 
ingredients, potions, etc). Or you can go to any merchant and sell 
your stufffor extra $$$.
(Obviously open any locked doors with your lockpick set with Keena as 
leader for extra loot).

TIP #4
LOOT EVERYONE YOU KILL!!! Again.. not very moral. When you kill 
people or monsters, get the stuff they leave behind. Keep the stuff 
for you or sell it for extra $$$.

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