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Warpfire Cheats


Regaining health without repairing:
Ok so your ship has 0 HP or has low HP then wait at a 
stargate (in a demilitarised zone) then it could take a 
while then viola!You have more HP!

Shield bug:
Submitted by: bod0mrid3r

This is bug and you may get banned for using it, i'm not responsible if
that happens!

If your shields are low, go to stargate. Than go to Hangar->Generators and
remove all your shields to empty spaces so they become unusable. Than go 
thru stargate. When u go thru stargate, put ur shields back to their places
again. Now go thru stargate again. Voila, ur shields r full again! 
(Note: This bug is working only with v0.943 beta, it is going to be fixed
after next update).
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