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Warhammer 40000 Dawn Of War Dark Crusade Cheats

Warhammer 40,000 - Dawn Of War - Dark Crusade

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Start the game with the -dev command line parameter. 
Then, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + ~ during game play to 
display the console window. Then, enter one of the 
following codes. 

Code                            Result
cheat_power [number]       - Get indicated amount of power
cheat_requisition [number] - Get indicated amount of requisition

Cheat mode (Skirmish mode):
Start the game in Skirmish mode. Click the "Enable Cheats" option
in the config box. Then, press [Enter] during game play to display
the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes. 

Result                      Code
Clear console window      - cls
Suicide                   - cheat_killself
Get indicated power       - cheat_power ( [number] )
Get indicated requisition - cheat_requisition ( [number] )
Quit game                 - quit
Full map                  - cheat_revealall
Toggle shadows            - shadow_toggle

Chaos Marines Weapon Adviser:
The Chaos Marines have a lot of close-combat infantry units (and also a 
close-combat vehicle) on the one hand and on the other hand some strong 
range-combat units which even cannot defend them self in close-combat. 
A good mix of troops is the key to victory (as nearly always).

Infantry: Chaos has a wide range of infantry units, from simple cannon 
fodder to fearsome range- / close-combat specialist. However, normal 
infantry units do not heal them self!

Cultist Squad: Cannon fodder.

Chaos Space Marine: These guys should be your first standard infantry. 
They have moderate armor and firepower, but in contrast to the „normal“ 
Space Marines they can only be equipped with heavy bolters or plasma 
weapons. Buy the plasma weapons to move and fight at the same time.

Raptor Squad: Have the ability to fly. Use them as shock troopers or to 
assault enemy long range units. By the way, Raptors are better in close-
combat than in range-combat. You can also use them to attack and capture
resource points.

Khorne Berzerker: Pure close-combat freaks. Use them to shield your long 
range units or to intercept incoming close-combat units. These guys have 
also a good speed, try to break through enemy defense line with them if 
you want. 

Horror: Summoned demons with claws and demon fire. Good against all kind
of units but beware: If their moral drops to low, they either vanish 
from the battlefield our attack our units. 

Obliterator Squad: Heavy and slow units, equipped with weapons against all
kind of units. Unfortunately they have no close combat weapons and need 
some protection like. e.g. a squad of Khorne Berzerkers. As a balance for
their slow speed they can be teleported. 

Possesed Chaos Space Marines: Like the Khorne Berzerker, these guys are 
close-combat freaks. At the beginning, they do less damage than the 
Berzerker, but with some research they can use also a range-combat weapon.
Choosing the Possessed or the Berzerkers, is your choice, depending on your

Vehicles: The Chaos Marines have not a wide range of vehicles. There are 
just three, whereas one is an unarmed transporter.

Chaos Rhino: Unarmed transporter. I don't know where I should need such a 
thing. Why transporting someone when you can just blast the defense away?

Defiler: Long range artillery with close-combat weapons. Small threats can 
the Defiler eliminate itself in close-combat, some protectors are wise (as 
always). Especially protection is needed than enemy vehicles arrive.

Chaos Predator: Main battle tank which is, of course, effective against all 
kinds of units. The only danger for the tank are close-combat units, so have
some guard nearby. By the way: Research the improved ammunition as soon as 
possible to add some extra fun by extra firepower. 

Special units: The Chaos Lord and the Chaos Sorcerer can be added to a squad, 
while the Bloodthirster and the Daemon Prince are an army for itself.

Chaos Lord: Standard hero for close- and range-combat. Can dig a token to 
spot cloaked units at this point. 

Chaos Sorcerer: With some research very deadly anti-infantry abilities are 
available. Weak versus vehicles, but a powerful unit on the battlefield. 
It can detect cloaked units on the battlefield. 

Bloodthirster: A large demon, which looks for blood. Especially infantry is 
annihilated by this unit. Note that the Bloodthirster losses HP when not in
battle. So summon this then you are ready for an attack or it will lose 
more HP then necessary. 

Daemon Prince: Well that's an upgrade for the Chaos Lord, turning the command
hero into a large demon. The upgrade will increase hit points and close combat
damage, but the new unit has no range weapon. The Daemon Prince is stronger 
than the Bloodthirster and it will not loose hit points during battles.

Chaosy glitchy:
1. Get chaos as capaigne and finish 1 lvl and then go to reinforce.
2. Do 1 heretic and 1 dfiler.
3. Ssubmit...
4. Then go back into it.
5. Tthen add 1 more here tic the take back th do it again and again and again 
   untill you get never ending req.

Making a Second Single Player Campaign Map Out of the Skirmish Map:
Submitted by: gamesplorer

I thought I'd share with you a way of making a second single player campaign out of the 
skirmish maps the game provides. If you don't mind a little paper work, it works nicely.

First, simply look over all the skirmish maps and begin to imagine how they might fit 
together with what you know about the enemies you'll be facing. See what story ideas or 
themes emerge from each skirmish map. 

Next, take a sheet of graph paper (regularly spaced horizontal and vertical lines making 
a field of squares on it.) Are the squares large enough to write three or four sentences 
of a title or description? If not, then take a bold marking pen and draw horizontal and 
vertical lines until you have larger squares consisting of four of the small squares. 
The idea is to have a page of regular squares with squares large enough to write some 
information on. This will be your campaign map that you will assign skirmish maps to. 

Now look at the skirmish map list. Notice how many maps there are that have the maximum 
number of player slots (starting positions) the skirmish mode allows. (In Dark Crusade, 
this was 8 slots). For each of these maximum number maps, assign a graph paper square 
for each player-slot the skirmish map has and then pick a place on the graph paper to 
outline the skirmish map on the graph paper campaign map. Use the general shape of the 
skirmish map as the general shape on the graph paper campaign map.

For example, some Dark Crusade skirmish maps are 6-player maps. Those are rectangles. 
On your graph paper campaign map you could put one in the center of your campaign map. 
The six squares would be a rectangle that was either long-side horizontal or short-side 
horizontal. Don't forget to write on the graph paper map the name of the skirmish map 
as it appears in the game's skirmish map selector so you will know which graph paper 
campaign map assignment refers to which skirmish map in the game. 

Now assign the other maximum player slot maps. Spread them out enough to leave room for 
the other, smaller skirmish maps that come later. As you are deciding where to assign 
the skirmish maps on the graph paper campaign map, consider what theme or story you want 
to develop and position the maps accordingly. Sometimes a large skirmish map and some 
seceding smaller maps share a theme and can be grouped together to develop that theme. 
Again, don't forget to write the name of the skirmish map as it appears in the game's 
skirmish map selector 

When you are finished assigning the maximum player slot skirmish maps, go on and assign 
the skirmish maps with the next lower number of player slots. In Dark Crusade, the next 
lower number of player slots in a skirmish map was six, and the next after that, four. 
The four player maps took the form of a regular sided square. On the graph paper campaign 
map, I assigned them four squares in the shape of a regular sided square. Position these 
skirmish maps on the campaign map so that they connect the maximum player-slot maps you've
already just assigned. Again, while you do this, pay attention to themes and stories you 
want to develop for the campaign. 

In Dark Crusade, the next lower number of player slots was three, but they were squares. 
So I assigned them to the graph paper campaign map as squares consisting of four squares. 

Now you fill in some more space on the graph paper campaign map by assigning the skirmish 
maps with the next lower number of player slots. In Dark Crusade, this number was two, 
and the maps were rectangles with either long side horizontal or short side horizontal. 
I fitted them onto my campaign map by assigning them two squares, either long side horizontal 
or short side horizontal. Again pay attention to the themes and story lines you are trying 
to develop. 

By now you should have filled up most of the squares on your campaign graph paper map. 
If any are left, assign impassable terrain (like mountains) to unassigned inland squares 
and assign a "sea" to any squares that are next to any squares that can form a "coast." 

You now have the basic outline of your new campaign map on the graph paper. The next thing 
you should do is rename the skirmish maps on the graph paper campaign map according to the 
themes or stories you have developed for each area of the campaign map. Put these new names 
on the squares of the skirmish maps on the graph paper map. Do not erase the original 
skirmish map names, because they can't be renamed in the game and you will need to recall 
what the original name was to select it in the game's skirmish map selector. So each skirmish 
map outlined on the graph paper campaign map should have its original skirmish map named in 
parentheses and its new name for the campaign not in parentheses. 

Now you are ready to write a few pages of history or rationale for the graph paper campaign 
map and each of the skirmish maps on it. Have a lot of good creative fun with this. 

And then after that, you can annotate (in pencil) which side (or race) is in control of 
which skirmish map to start with. (If one of the forces or races is an invader, then it can 
be assumed that they can begin a fight anywhere by dropping in by a drop ship, (or bubbling 
up from underground to the surface like the Atlantians in Universe at War). You can further 
annotate the graph paper campaign map with the skirmish map options to be used (i.e. high or 
low starting resources, easy or hard difficulty, Victory by annihilation or points control, 

As the forces on the graph paper campaign map battle for ultimate control, the ownership of 
each skirmish map can be erased and rewritten in pencil. You should define before hand what 
the victory conditions are for the campaign map. You can play one race or force and just go 
through the campaign maps defeating each owner, skirmish by skirmish. (In this mode you can 
simulate a response from the enemies by rolling a die to see which skirmish map they will 
attack next.) Or you can rotate through each race or force doing a skirmish for one before 
going on to the other. 

Now why go through all this trouble of book keeping and fiddling with graph paper? Well, 
even when playing alone, I find that this way of playing through the skirmish maps tends 
to add a direction and purpose to each skirmish that makes them much more fun to play. I 
find that it adds "personality" to each skirmish and to the campaign as a whole. 

One way this method can be improved upon is by having a friend work up a graph paper campaign 
map for you while you work up one for him. You each become a sort of "Dungeon Master" for 
the others user-generated single-player campaign. Of course, this can also be adapted for 
creating multi-player campaign maps where one non-player really does act as a DM for the 
campaign. This can be a lot of fun and extend the replay value of any RTS game that has 
skirmish maps. And then there are other campaigns that can be made out of skirmish maps 
created by various user communities.

Here is my own home grown second single-player campaign for Dark Crusade, created from the 
skirmish maps available in that game. There were so many of them I was actually able to 
create three different planets. I give you the overview and rationale, and then the map 
layouts as best as I can give it to you by text. .

Imperial Briefing: The Deuteronomy Campaign.

Space Marines, accept your orders! 

The Deuteronomy System has three worlds: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They are all 
having various problems with various enemies of the Empire, all of which problems have 
effectively removed these worlds contribution to the Imperial weal. The High Lords of 
Terra have therefore declared a crusade to cleanse these worlds and restore them to their 
former functioning for the greater glory of the Emperor.

The Provinces of Shadrach.

The Deusch Ashlands started out as the colonys collective dumping ground. As the planet 
gained economic strength it became an industrial wasteland of considerable toxicity. Added 
to this became the problem of criminal gangs dumping their rivals bodies here. This 
combination of ills turned this area into a gathering place for Chaos cultists and degenerate 
psychers. These deranged elements eventually caused a warp gate to open here, allowing the 
forces of Chaos to enter this world. 

The Blood River flows from the Deutsche Ashlands and has Chaos taint.

The Sea View Coast has tidal pools where great mineral resources wash up every day. It 
will likely become a hotly contested battlefield.

Struggles End Cemetaria is a massive burial ground for all the planets citizens.Attempts 
to expand it further underground has brought forth the Necron menace again.

By some means unknown to us, Ork spores have been released into the Steamish Jungle. A 
Waaagh is now forming there and it must be stopped. 

The Mystery Mountain appears to be an artificially constructed cyclopean structure built 
by a race unknown to the Imperium at this time. There have been reports of Eldar activity 
there, and it seems to be related to the advent of the Necrons as well. This needs to be 

The Galmor Swamps and the Pestid Swamps are both south of the Steamish Jungle. The Orks will 
likely head to those swamps sooner or later. 

The following cities exist on Shadrach. Center Reach is the first founded city of the colony, 
so named because of its centrality on the continent. 

South Center Reach below it was constructed sometime later. 

Whileaway, to the west, is so named because the Deutsche Ashland, the Streamish Jungle, 
and the Galmor Swamp make it seem a great while away from the other cities. 

East Reach is on the eastern coast of the continent. 

All of these cities are now devastated wrecks. 

Hole Flat is the scene of an ancient meteor impact crater of considerable size. There have 
been attempts to mine the crater for rare metals, but the mineral wealth of the Sea View 
Coast continues to discourage these efforts. This area may need investigation, as there have 
been reports of aliens there. 

Hole Flat Pass is a mountain pass that connects both Hole Flat and Point One to the Struggles 
End Cemeteria. 

There are two high attitude arctic areas on Shadrach. The Shivering Lakes, and The Cold 
Mountains. There seems to have been an indigenous alien race in these areas in Shadrachs 
early colonial history 

Point One and Point Two are historic battlefields in which these aliens were defeated and 
destroyed. They are still devastated areas. Watch out for taint from alien remains, if any. 

The Provinces of Meshach 

The cities of Meshach dominate its principal continent. 

Seperon is in the west, and is a cross roads that connects Darlack to Delphi. Seperon was 
a old traders city that arose from the wood wealth of the Stengill Forrest to its south. 

The Stengill Forrest has an infestation of Orks in it. 

Darlack, to the middle north, was the original founding city which started out as a traders 
encampment for fur trappers coming down from the Frozen Darlack River Hights to its west. 

Delphi, in the center, is an academic city, ringed by forests clearings dedicated to academic 
pursuits. Of these clearings, Elocution Field is used for the giving of mass lectures, while 
Acadamus Clearings and Debate Pavilions are used for "debates." 

Elocution Field is the most Imperial of this academic sites, frequently hosting lectures by 
commissars and priests, and other re-iterators of Imperial dogma.

Acadamus Clearings is less so, giving way to the ancient (but un-Imperial)idea of "debate." 
The affect of that can be noted in the fact that Debate Pavilions has now fallen to Chaos 
and must be cleansed. 

Delphi city is dominated to the southeast by the impassable High Point Mountains. 

To the immediate southwest is Miners Rest, an early frontier town that supported the 
Cloudry Mining Facility east of it. It is bordered on the west by the uninhabitable Sludge 
Lake toxic dump. 

To the northeast is the ancient port city of Dishiron. Early in Dishirons history, a race 
of indigenous aliens rose from the Dishiron Sea and invaded the continent through port Dishiron. 
This led to the devastation of what is now the Cauldron Fields (to the west of Dishiron) 
and the Dead Dump Mountains (to Dishirons southwest). 

Cauldron Fields was where the big battle was fought. The Dead Dump Mountains is where all 
the bodies were dumped. It is a tainted place.

The Cauldron Pass connects Cauldron Fields to Darlack.

Monks Hold, south of the Caudron Pass, is the the city that grew up around the militant 
monastery that was the bulwark against the taints of Cauldron Fields and the Dead Dump 

Governors Hold , south of Monks Hold, is likewise a city that grew up around the planetary 
govenors fortress. It is the holding point against the taints of Cauldron Fields, the Dead 
Dump Mountains, and the Forrest of the Suicides south of it. It its earlier history, that 
forest had been where miners, from the Cloudry Mining Facililty, who had commited suicide 
where unceremoniously dumped as a mark of dishonor. It has now become a place tainted with 

Imperial City, is both the second seaport on the east coast, and the spaceport of the planet. 
It was build by the Imperium when Meshach was reclaimed to Imperial rule. 

Narsk Narrows connects Imperial City to Governors Hold without having to go through the 
Forrest of the Suicides. 

The Provinces of Abednego

Abednego is less urbanized that either Meshach or Shadrach and it is dominated by the travels 
of the legendary St. Gorrick. 

Port St. Gorrick is on the Northwest tip of the continent, on the Crowning Sea to the north, 
and is considered by old legend to be the place where St. Gorrick made his landing on 
the continent.

Crossing the Stippel Head Plateau to the east, one comes to St. Gorricks Hills, where 
the saint is reputed to have spent time in meditation. Hence the name of the bay to the 
east, Meditation Bay. 

East of Meditation Bay is Eden Creek which is a tributary of the Vernasis Agricultural 
Center further east, and the Thurgile River, to the south east. 

Vernasis South is the southern extention of the Vernasis Agricultural Facility. The Facility 
is an Imperial R&D center. Vernasis south is the part of the facility that has gone to seed 
because of an Ork investation in the facility itself. This needs taking care of before too 
much valuable research is lost.

Off the northeast of the coast, in the Sunrise Sea, is Six Point Island. It is an artificial 
island created by some unknown race in the distant past. There are reports of Eldar 
activity there, but nothing that can be pinned down with any certainty. This needs 

To the east of Six Point Island is Smugglers Island. Relics from Six Point Island, and 
rarities from the Vernasis Facility have been smuggled off to this island and thence out 
to other worlds. This suggests a spaceport of some kind may be here, but it is not clear 
yet who is operating here. This must be investigated, and all smuggling activity eliminated.

The Comstock Creeks flow south of Port St. Gorrick. They border on the Comstock Military 
Prison to the south. The prison houses the worst military refuse of the Empire, who work 
the near by Coldstark Mines to the southeast of the prison. We are receiving reports of 
Necron artifacts having been uncovered by the prisoners, so a thorough investigation is 
needed there. 

Directly west of the Comstock Creeks and the prison is the Swayledge Mountains.

East of the Swayledge, are Hellfire Canyon, and Tainted Square. These are both places 
tainted by Chaos. The taint seems to have been started by escapees from the mining faciility. 
There is a dire need to prevent this contagion from reaching the prison and the mining 
facility. Great economic loss would occur should the mining facility be lost to Chaos. 
The prisoners, obviously, will have a greater predisposition to coming under the influence 
of Chaos. 

East of the Hellfire Canyon and Tainted Square, and south of Meditation Bay, is the 
Clover Jungle. It just happens to suggest a clover from the air, but it is a natural 
jungle. The problem is that an Ork infestation seems to have been deliberately seeded 
there by the Chaos degenerates. The likely intent of this is to keep the Empire busy 
while Chaos moves towards the mines. 

Northeast of the Clover Jungle is the Thurgile River, while southeast of it is the 
Infinity Valley. The valley is shaped to look like an infinity symbol from the air. 
There is a suspicion of an Eldar orgin to this valley, and there have been reports of 
their presence here. This must be investigated. 

East of Infinity Valley is Perdition Hold, the beginning of Abednegos arctic region. It 
is reportedly an old battlefield where St. Gorrick and Abedegos human population made a 
stand against an unknown arctic alien species from the southern artic area. This artic 
area and those beyond must be investigated because of reports of new alien activity. 
Keep a careful eye out for relics and/or alien contamination. 

South of Perdition Hold is Cousins Forrest, a winter forest with a clearing in its center. 
(The Cousin seems to have been a cousin of St. Gorrick.)

East of Perdition Hold is Tragens Wall. One of the early governors of Abednego had made a 
guardian wall against the arctic alien species. It failed to contain them, but this long 
stretch of the wall remains.

East of Counsins Forrest, and south of Tragens Wall is the Mason Flows Iceline. A nasty 
place to fight a battle, but a possible battlefield nonetheless.

Finally, east of the Mason Flows Iceline, and at the inhabitable portion of the arctic region, 
is St. Gorricks Demise. It had originally been called St. Gorricks Demesne. St.Gorrick had 
won the war with the aliens, finished his travels, and had founded a monastery here in honor 
of the war victory. Subsequent to the founding, the monastery was found in ruins from an 
obvious attack - with no sign of St. Gorrick or his monks. All this cries out for investigation. 

Space Marines! Burn the Heretic! Kill the Mutant! Purge the Unclean! 
All hail the Emperor! 

Now here are the graph paper campaign maps that go with the above. 
"[xx]" means one square on the graph paper campaign map. The number is the number of the 
skirmish map given below the campaign map. 

Shadrach Campaign Map


01 = Deutch Ashlands (Alvarus) Chaos. 
02 = Seaview Coast (Van Dean Coast)
03 = Struggles End Cemeteria (Burial Grounds) Necron
04 = Blood River (Blood River)Chaos
05 = Steamish Jungle (Oasis of Sharr) Orks
06 = Center Reach City (Daturias Pits)Space Marines drop zone.
07 = Hole Flat Pass (Quatra)
08 = East Reach (Face off)
09 = Whileaway city (Fallen city)Space Marine drop zone.
10 = South Center Reach (Bloodshed Ally) Space Marine drop zone.
11 = Point One Battlefield (Doom Spiral)
12 = Hole Flat (Gor Hael) Tau. 
13 = Mystery Mountain (Dread Peak) Eldar. 
14 = Galmor Swamp (Abandon All Hope)Ork.
15 = Pestid Swamp (Battle Marsh)Ork.
16 = Cold Mountain (Absolute Zero)
17 = Point Two Battlefield (Tainted Soul)
18 = The Shivering Lakes (Eye of the Gorgon).

Meshach Campaign Map.


19 = Frozen Darlack River (Payne's Retribution)
20 = Darlack City (Dread alley)
21 = Cauldron Pass (Volcanic Reaction)
22 = Cauldron Fields (Tainted Place) 
23 = Dishiron Port (Kasyr Lutien)
24 = Sepreon City (Cross Roads)
25 = Eloqution Field (Shrine of Excellion)
26 = Academus Clearing (Meeting of Minds)
27 = Monk's Hold (Fortress)
28 = Dead Dump Mountains (Eres Badlands)Chaos
29 = Dishiron Sea.
30 = Stengill Forrest (Mortalis) Orks.
31 = Debate Pavilions (Valley of Khorne) Chaos
32 = Governor's Hold (Testing Grounds) 
33 = Narsk Narrows (Dead Man's Crossing)
34 = Sludge Lake. Toxic impassible)
35 = Miner's Rest (Streets of Vogen)
36 = Cloudry Mining Facility (Thargorum)
37 = Forrest of the Suicides (Doom Chamber) Chaos
38 = Imperial City (Pavonis)


39 = Port St. Gorrick (Saint's Square)
40 = Stipil Head Plateau (Tazin's Folly)
41 = St. Gorrick's Hills (Outer Reaches)
42 = Meditation Bay.
43 = Eden Creek (Eden)
44 = Vernasis Agricultural Center (Jungle Walls)
45 = Six Point Island (Fury Island) Eldar
46 = Smuggler's Island (Fear)
47 = Comstock Creeks (Biffy's Peril)
48 = Swayledge Mountains (Ther'Abis Plateau)
49 = Hellfire Canyon (Hellfire Canyon) Chaos
50 = Clover Jungle (Forbidden Jungle) Orks
51 = Thurgile River (Mountain trail)
52 = Vernasis South (River Bed)
53 = Sunrise Sea. 
54 = Comstock Military Prison (Penal Colony)
55 = Coldstark Mines (totmacher's Prison)
56 = Tainted Square (Tainted Pair)
57 = Cold Stark Pass (Crozius Arcanum)
58 = Infinity Valley (Railway)
59 = Perdition Hold (Torrents)
60 = Tragen's Wall (Into the Breach)
61 = Cousin's Clearing (Tibboraxx)
62 = Mason Flows Iceline (Ice Flow)
63 = St. Gorrick's Demise (Quest's Triumph) 

I hope you've found this helpful and enjoyable.

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