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Warhammer 40000 Dawn Of War Winter Assault Cheats

Warhammer 40,000 - Dawn Of War - Winter Assault

Cheat Codes:
Start the game with the -dev command line parameter. Then, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] 
+ ~ during game play to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following 
codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: the v1.10 patch or higher 
is required. However, some codes are no longer valid with v1.3, and the others are 
limited to use only in skirmish mode. In v1.3 you must enable cheat mode by 
entering the options and checking the "Allow Cheats" box. 
Note: In some versions press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + @ to display the console window.

Effect                                Code	
Get indicated amount of power       - cheat_power( number )
Get indicated amount of requisition - cheat_requisition( number )
Suicide                             - cheat_killself
Reveal all FOW                      - cheat_revealall
Hide taskbar                        - taskbar_hide
Show taskbar again                  - taskbar_show
Quit to Windows                     - quit
Clear console window                - cls
Rainbow colors                      - render_togglerainbow()
See-through white textures          - render_togglexray()
Colored wireframes                  - render_togglewireframe()
Toggle shaders                      - detail_toggle()
Toggle banners and badges           - decal_toggle()
Toggle brown dust                   - fog_toggle()
Toggle model detail drop            - terrlod_toggle()
Dump static decal stats to file     - staticdecal_dump()
Dump dynamic decal stats to file    - dynamicdecal_dump()
Toggle shadows                      - shadow_toggle
Toggle mouseover stat bars          - ingame_stats_mouseover_toggle
Toggle stat bars                    - ingame_stats_toggle
Remove selection boxes              - ingame_select_ui_toggle
Objects closer                      - simvis_cameranearclip( "meters" )
Hide objects further;default is 200 - simvis_camerafarclip( "meters" )
Display current game speed          - getsimrate()
Set game speed                      - setsimrate(number)
Screen update while console is up   - simvis_fx_refresh
Toggle subsystem visibility         - simvis_toggle( "channel name" )

Subsystem channel names:
Use one of the following entries with the simvis_toggle code to 
show the corresponding subsystem. 

Ambient lighting                    - EnviroHandler
Terrain (ground) visibility         - TerrainHandler
The skybox                          - SkyHandlerStencil
Animation for in-game movies        - NISletAnimHandler
All ground decoration               - TerrainOverlayHandler 
Rubble                              - TerrainDecoratorHandler
Markers on bridges and in cover     - marker_handler
Marks relative position of units    - scargroups_handler
Visibility of units                 - AnimatorHandler
Infiltration units                  - GhostHandler
Shadows                             - ShadowHandler
Water                               - OceanHandler
Special effects (tracers etc.)      - FXHandler 
Dynamic lights                      - LightManagerHandler
Dynamic sound (not ambient sounds)  - SoundHandler 
Show the boundary box of each model - BoundVolumeHandler

Mission 5 - Shortcut for Chaos:
The last objective for Chaos in mission 5 is to pass through the defense gate. 
Sadly there is an enormous Imperial Guard / Eldar army in front of the gate, 
waiting for you. But you can already see the gate without any fog of war. That
means that you can use the gate as target for a teleporter. Simple create a 
troop of Horrors or Obliterators and teleport them to the gate. Maybe they have
to make one or two steps forward, before you win the mission. Of course you can
create a large army for yourself and whip out any resistance.

Biel-Tan send help:
On mission 2 of Winter Assault Order campaign when u have to reach the Ultramarines,
when u play as the Eldar if u spawn guardians theyre Biel-Tan guardians not Ulthwe 
like the other Eldar.

Skip big end fight:
Near the end of Disorder Mission 4 (Chaos side,) you normally must fight past a 
large group of Eldar and Imperial Guards to reach the psychic gate and complete 
the mission. To skip this, simply warp some Horrors (the 4 armed pink daemons 
built at the Sacrifical Pit,) over to the gate and the mission is automatically
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