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Warhammer Shadow of the Horned Rat Cheats

Warhammer - Shadow of the Horned Rat

Near the end of the game you will have a lot of archers and cannons (Imperial, 
normal, mortars, and the Hell thingamajigger). My advice is to bring all of 
them into a battle with a few bodygaurds (Grudgbringer calvary, dwarfes etc.) 
and set them up in a line (bodygaurd, Cannon, archers, imperial cannon, 
bodygaurd, archers, cannon, bodyguard, body gaurd). as soon as the enemies 
get near, open fire and watch them squeel.

Playing Tip:
Sometimes if you can not beat a mission like Loren Forest, the bridge one, etc., 
It is good to purposefully lose them. To do so, only bring your grudgebringer 
calvary and have them go to the edge of the screen. as soon as someone charges 
at you, hold down the retreat button and run. You won't get the gold, but you'll 
continue (Most of the time) to the next mission.

Best Order of Missions:
You need to beat the missions up to the one where you have to choose between To 
Loren, To Zhufbar, or Revenge. Choose Revenge. You need to beat all you can and 
recruit the new armies. Then go to Zhufbar and beat the ambush. When you get in 
the town, ignore the Crossbowmen. Go to Zhufbar. Once in the next town, do the 
farmer mission.It is very easy. Now get to Zhufbar. Once there, do the Listening 
Gate and select everyone to go with you. Otherwise they walk like zombies. Have 
everyone head to the gate except the calvary and wolf dudes. Send them to the 
top most army ,right next to the rock lobber and have them attack. Then have 
everyone get to the gate. Also, when the Dwarfs get to the gate, the gate opens 
for a limited time or until an enemy gets near them, so have everyone at the 
gates when the dwarfes get there.

Location of Magic Items:
Here is a listing of the magic items that can be found in Warhammer: Shadow of 
the Horned Rat.
Notes: It is not possible to obtain all the items. You can not trade magic items 
between units, so make sure the right unit gets the right item. Each unit can only 
hold a max of 5 items. You can drink Potions to make space for more powerful 

These are in the approximate order that you may find them.

ID Item Map

Number Name Name
10- SwordOfMight (Protect Schnappelburg)
This item is in the very first mission. Found to the right of the clump
trees in the centre of the map. Should probably give to infantry, as cav
have a sword. Bonuses are cumulative. This sword gives the user
bonus strength.

11- DragonBlade (Sven Carlsson)
On the 2nd or 3rd mission (Capture Otto Hiln) there is a snowman
behind the house/tower in the top right corner. Once you have killed
everyone, bring Your Calvary over to it and touch it. This will give
you the Dragon Blade, the most powerful sword in the game. Now your
calvary can use the Grudgebringer to shoot a fire ball and the Dragon
Blade to do twice the damage.

6- ShieldOfPtolos (Rescue Ilmarin)
You can find this behind the clump of trees to the west. This shield increases the
wielders chance of deflecting missile attacks including war engines. Let Allor 
have this one.

8- SwordOfHeroes (Slave Train : a Carlson sub quest)
The item is behind the building near the graveyard. It is only effective
against opponents with a toughness of 5 or more, like trolls. Give this to cavalry.

7- PotionOfStrength
There are 6 potions in five different missions.

(Shattered Pass)Item is in the NE corner of the map.
(Valley of the Trolls)Item is near the 2nd stream of lava on the east wall.
(The Vermin Burrows)Item is near the two rocks.
(Suprise Attack)Item is near rock to NE of the map.
(Final Battle) Item is near some trees or a building just to the NE very close to
your setup area. Another potion is somewhere on the map toothis potion is the last 
item you can find.

The 6 potions of strength are only effective for one single battle but are useful 
due to elevating the characters strength by about 4 thus greatly increasing his 
chance to wound an enemy and penetrate the armour.

3- BannerOfWrath (Valley of the Trolls)
The mission is the suicidal troll mission to Loren. The banner is at the 3
lava pools to the west. There is also a potion in this mission but the
banner is more important. The banner shoots out powerful lighning bolts. 
You need to use the grudcav and ceridan because Ceridan never dies.

4- BannerOfArcaneProtection (The Vermin Burrows)
This mission is the skaven suicidal mission to Loren. The banner is between
a rock and cave down west. There is also a potion in this mission. 
The banner dispells hostile magic 50% chance.

0- BannerOfArcaneWarding (Suprise Attack)
This mission is the orc suicidal mission to Loren. The banner is in the West
between the tents. There is also a potion in this mission. This banner reflects
hostile spells in a random direction.

5- TalismanOfObsidian (Squatters Rights)
This is the save sheep in farm from goblins mission. This item cancels all magic cast 
at or near the holder. The only way to get to this mission is to get to Zhufbar through 
the mountain pass, not underground. The item is in the far east behind the house. 
Give to cavalry, not to a mage.

1- BannerOfMight (Slave Assault)
It is one of the missions given to you in Zhufbar. The item is behind a pile of rocks 
near the north wall.

12- ArmourOfMeteoricIron (Bandits Hideout)
This item is in the Bandit hideout camp mission after the Decoy mission. You do these 
missions at Nuln. But if you do any of the bandit missions rather then going to Loren 
right after talking to the Emporer, you do not get the Reiksgard Knight cavalry unit. 
The item is in the far west behind the tents. It grants the character extra protection 
from wounds. Give to any character you wish to protect the most, probabaly a wizard.

2- Dreadbanner (Extermination)
It is in the Exterminate skaven mission given in Karak Norn. Make sure you attack the 
caves. The item is in the eastern corner, near a cave.

9- ParryingBlade (Patrol Loren)
You can do this mission when in Loren. It is a VERY dangerous patrol because you will 
be ambushed twice. And then you must fight the second Loren mission anyway. The item 
is behind the 3rd rock to the east. The rock just near the small valley. It makes the 
owner more likely to dodge enemy attacks.

These items are found on various characters.
13- ArmourOfTheBeard
14- GrudgeBringer
15- SwordOfElior
16- RockSplitter 

Cheat Codes:
Instructions are for Windows 95 only although this will probably work with
Windows 3.1 as well. Start the game as normal. Load any saved file. Now 
press [ALT] [ESC] this will change Warhammer to a window. Start WORDPAD 
Now the fun begins. Modify any unit listed or add new/killed ones. Add magic
items or spells.

You may modify the number of troops or Active troops given after S_SIDE as

You may change any of the values after S_MOVE as they represent the stats
from the book.  Increase Move (Non mounted only), Weapon Skill, Balistic
Skill, Strength, Toughness, Wounds, Initiative, Attacks, or Leadership.


If you know the names for magic items you may add them to any units after
the banner line.

If you know the names for spells you may add them to any wizards after the
banner line.

To help you with these review the .MRC and .BTS file in directory SHADOW OF

You may copy complete units from the MRC files. Do not forget to update the
number of units

Many other things can be changed such as armor, weapon, balistic weapon,
etc.  However these use codes and not names so you will need to
experiment. Once you have finished save the file and return to the game.
Use the maximize button to get the full screen.  You will now find all
these values reflected in the troop roster and everywhere else.

 you can only modify ARMY.MRC after loading a game as it is stored
in memory after this.

Also the amount of gold may be modified using a hex editor from any saved
It is stored at location F0 in the file in reverse hex form ie F7 01 = 500.

I recommend copying ARMY.MRC and SAVEGAME. before starting and the
usual disclaimers are in effect, you do this at your own risk.

P.S if anyone knows how the number of wounded is recorded/calculated drop
me a line.

You could get the savegame files and open them with WordPad. Search inside 
and you would find your army. You can change all the numbers by 9 and your 
army will be never destroyed.
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