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Warfare 1944 Cheats

Warfare 1944

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

First be U.S. then reach to the mission "armor convoy" then play that mission
(you have to loose). If u hear a tank moving even u stoped playing the mission,
goto "main menu" then new campain to german. 
(The tank moving sound should be there) then ur in the beach right? 
(the tank sound shoul STILL be there)then click "machine gun team" 

More upgrades:
Submitted by: Antony

* In the midle of a battle, when your upgrade button has any number press it
  and use it on a upgrade.

* When you finish the mission look at the "Upgrade" icon and you will have the
  same amount of upgrade points that you used.

Easy Kills (most of time):
Submitted by: Nick

First fill your whole bunker with rifle men. Then after the enemy comes to to your 
trench all of you riflemen will fire at the same time! only works for trenches.

Undefined Mission:
Submitted by: Fuzz

First, immediately "click custom game" and then immediately launch the mission 
(DO NOT ADJUST A CUSTOM BATTLE). As soon as the custom battle begins, quickly exit
to main menu. 

When at main menu start an allied campaign, and the mission will be "undefined".

Avoid the air attack:
Submitted by: alvaro

When the another team send an air attack you putt menu and wait the sound of the
bullets wait 25-30 seconds and the attack dont appear and your soldier no dead!

Big Army:
Submitted by: Andy

when it go to main menu go to custom battle. click on riflemen, assult team, machine
gun team then bazooka, than mortar. make the resource points 2000. launch the battle
on a NO cover battle battlefield and send all of your men in the middle. occasionally
send reinforcements and U have an unbeatable army!

Glitch : tanks come back:
Submitted by: geronimo

Do a mission or custom battle have a tank then lose it send 2 machine gun squads the 
tank will come back to life.

For America:
Submitted by: jake freds

on a open map send a tank first on the side. then send riflemen threw the middle zone. 
The enemy will focus on the the tank and your riflemen will reach the end of the middle
zone and you will win the battle.

Extra exp:
Submitted by: Hidden

When playing german campaign, after mission 2, go into the exp area. occaisonly you 
will be able to gain extra exp right afterwards if you won on the first time through
the battle.

Avoid the air attack:
Submitted by: alvaro

First play a custom battle or camping when the another time send air suppor you must 
toggle menu an wait the air support pass and then you have 10 seconds to run.

Submitted by: Blooj

Go to german at the begining then push two rifle then two assault teams and there will
be a huge Bazzoka guy like a million feet tall.

Unstoppable Army!:
Submitted by: Da gaming doode

How to get an unstoppable army is choose whatever unit you like (it must be in custom 
mode and you must get/have a tank) and youll have an unstoppable army!

How to win all the battles withought losing one battle:
Submitted by: tarek

Search arcadeprehacks warfare 1944 on google then click the first one then play the 
game you have 50 upgrade points wich is enough for all the upgrades, all units are 
0rp and you can have a super army.

Morale mission:
Submitted by: hememu gerj

You go to a mission 2 of alieds,clear any morale(not today morale)and go to custom battle,
click all 2 times(on units and support) and 2000 resources,play and you start with full 
morale and enemy starts with 90% of morale.

Computer Cheats:
Submitted by: Austin

Go to custom battle and don't select officer but select air support. 
Now play the level and air support will appear from the computer. 
Also works if you select the officer and artillery on a no cover map the computer will send 
artillery without an officer on the field.

Submitted by: vikash

to avoid mortar strike first let your enemy send a mortar.when you see the mortar go to main wiil hear the sound of explision but when you continue the game no one from your 
army would die.:}

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