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Wall Street Trader 2000 Cheats

Wall Street Trader 2000

You can usually afford to let a scenario run for a week 
before you commit yourself to any purchases. Bump up the 
speed, let the scenario run, then drop the speed to zero 
to look over your choices and buy your stock. 

Keep some cash on hand for unforeseen opportunities and 
to pay your advisors. You don't want to be forced to sell 
your stocks before they're ready. 

Don't try to concentrate on more than a half-dozen or so 
stocks. Focus on one or two sectors at a time.

Faster game play:
Increase the game speed and let a scenario run for a week. Then, 
set the speed to zero to review your choices and buy stock. The 
one week usually does not have any bad consequences. 

Stock limits:
Do not follow more than about six stocks. Focus on one or two 
sectors at a time to stay in control.

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