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Virtua Tennis 2009 Cheats

Virtua Tennis 2009

Bonus characters:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character. 

-=Boris Becker=
Defeat Boris Becker at the end of Arcade mode under the Easy or Hard 
AI difficulty setting. Note: You may need to win all tournaments 
without losing a point. 

Win the King Of Tournaments then defeat Duke. 

-=Stefan Edberg=-
Complete Arcade mode in doubles and defeat Stefan Edberg and Boris 
Becker at the end. 

-=Tim Henman=-
Complete all Academy Challenges under the Beginner and Advanced difficulty.

-=King=- Win the King of Players tournament twice and defeat King.

Fancy costumes:
Successfully complete all levels of the indicated mini-game in World Tour
mode to unlock the corresponding costumes for purchase. They must be worn 
in order to enter the Fancy Dress-only tournament.

Bowling clothes   - Pin Crusher mini-game.
Karate clothes    - Avalanche mini-game.
Skeleton clothes  - Blockbuster mini-game.
Superhero costume - Shopping Dash mini-game.
Zookeeper clothes - Zoo Feeder mini-game.
Pirate costume    - Pirate Wars.
Mariachi clothes  - Block Buster.
Pajamas           - Court Curling.
Sheriff Uniform   - Pot Shot.
Action Hero       - Drum Topple (using a male player).
Mime              - Count Mania (using a male player). 

World Tour training games:
Complete level 4 of the indicated training game to unlock the corresponding 
new training game. 

Alien Attack  - Complete Meat Defender level 4. 
Avalanche     - Complete Zoo Feeder level 4. 
Count Mania   - Complete Avalanche level 4. 
Court Curling - Complete Pot Shot level 4. 
Drum Topple   - Complete Alien Attack level 4. 
Meat Defender - Complete Pirate Wars level 4. 
Pin Crusher   - Complete Court Curling level 4. 
Pot Shot      - Complete Block Buster level 4.
Zoo Feeder    - Complete Shopping Dash level 4.

Concept rackets:
Win FED and/or Davis Cups under the Professional difficulty the indicated number
of times to unlock the corresponding racket. 

Emerald concept racket    : Four times. 
Fire concept racket       : Two times. 
Panther concept racket    : Six times. 
Rainbow concept racket    : Three times. 
Squished concept racket   : Five times. 
SuperDrive concept racket : One time. 

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding medal. 

Top Spin Expert: Win 200 points with Top Spin shots. 
Top Spin Master: Win 750 points with Top Spin shots. 
Slice Shot Expert: Win 100 points with Slice shots. 
Slice Shot Master: Win 500 points with Slice shots. 
Lob Shot Expert: Win 50 points with Lob shots. 
Lob Shot Master: Win 75 points with Lob shots. 
Drop Shot Expert: Win 15 points with Drop shots. 
Drop Shot Master: Win 75 points with Drop shots. 
Clay Court Specialist: Win 20 Clay court matches. 
Clay Court Legend: Win 100 Clay court matches. 
Grass Court Specialist: Win 20 Grass court matches. 
Grass Court Legend: Win 100 Grass court matches. 
Artificial Court Specialist: Win 20 Artificial court matches. 
Artificial Court Legend: Win 100 Artificial court matches. 
Fancy Dresser: Play 1 match in Fancy Dress. 
Dress Up Obsessive: Play 20 matches in Fancy Dress. 
Long Distance Runner: Run 10 kms / 6.2 miles. 
Marathon Runner: Run 50 kms / 31 miles. 
Stylish Player: Unlock 10 Playstyles. 
Highly Versatile: Unlock 10 Advanced Playstyles. 
Tournament Player: Play 5 tournaments in Play Mode. 
Training Player: Play 20 Training Games in Play Mode. 
Exhibitionist: Play 20 Exhibition matches in Play Mode. 
Online Touring Specialist: Win 5 Online Tour events. 
Online Touring Expert: Win 30 Online Tour events. 
Online Touring Legend: Win 75 Online Tour events. 
Feared Opponent: Awarded for beating all the famous players. 
Chameleon: Win as all the different famous players. 
Early Training Days: Win 3 different training games in World Tour. 
Later Training Days: Win 8 different training games in World Tour. 
Career Trainer: Awarded for beating level 8 on a Training Game in World Tour.
Avid Shopper: Awarded for purchasing 35 items from the Tennis Store.
Big Spender: Awarded for purchasing 50 items from the Tennis Store. 
Ambassador: Win 3 Davis or Fed Cup matches. 
National Hero: Win the Davis or Fed Cup. 
Student Days: Awarded for completing 20 Academy exercises. 
Academic Excellence: Awarded for completing 10 Academy exercises in gold. 
Friendly Nature: Awarded for making friends with 5 players in World Tour. 
Compelling Company: Awarded for making friends with 15 players in World Tour.
Perfect Server: Win 50 points with an Ace. 
Smash Specialist: Win 20 points with a Smash. 
Smash Master: Win 100 points with a Smash. 
Clean Sheet Specialist: Win 25 Love Games. 
Clean Sheet Expert: Win 100 Love Games. 

Virtua Tennis 2009 will again allow you to take on the world’s top 
tennis players in some of the most realistic courts to be found on 
gaming consoles. Take on the likes of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer
or play as Maria Sharapova against Venus Williams to recreate some 
classic court battles. Joining this impressive roster of tennis stars
are several new players for 2009, including men’s World No.4 Andy 
Murray and ladies French Open champion Ana Ivanovic. In addition to
the traditional singles, doubles and mixed doubles matches, Virtua 
Tennis 2009 will also have the official Davis Cup license, giving 
players the coveted opportunity to lead their country to glory!
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