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Virtual Pool 3 Cheats

Virtual Pool 3

by: diddly42 (  

In the movies directory, on the cd-rom is a file called out-takes.mpg. 
It shows credits for the game and filming, along with bloopers of 
Jeanette Lee making the videos for the game.

Submitted by: Ace_01

Sometimes the computer opponents will do a masse or jump shots. Just click
"X" when just as they want to shoot the masse and jump shots. You'll find 
out that they are shooting a normal ball.

Hidden FMV sequence:
Insert the CD-ROM and open the "movies" folder. Play the "out-takes.mpg" 
file to view the game's credits and outtakes from the FMV sequences from
the game. 

Save backup for career play:
In "career", play the game saves your progress automatically. However, this
causes undesirable situations, as when you lose 1500 or more to a Boss like
the Hammer. The game offers no way to save the game before playing a new 
CPU player. If you lose, you are usually out of luck. Use the following 
trick will to save the game before you play a new CPU player. This allows
you to play him or her again without losing your money. Make a new folder
in your "virtual pool 3" folder and name it "save backup". Copy the "vpc 
data" folder and the file "vp save.vpx" into this new folder. Do this just
before you play a Boss. Every time you defeat a new CPU player, quit the 
game and backup the "vpc data" folder and "vp save.vpx" file again, letting
Windows overwrite the older files. If you lose to the CPU, just copy the 
contents of your "save backup" folder back into the main "virtual pool 3"
folder, and let Windows overwrite the files. Restart the game and you will
be back to where you last saved the game with all your money. To make this
quicker, keep your "virtual pool 3" folder open on your Windows Desktop 
while playing the game. 

Watch the movies:
All the movies are located in a directory on the CD. You can simply play 
the movies to watch them. A good one to watch is the outtakes movie, which
shows some bloopers.
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