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Virtua Fighter 2 Cheats

Virtua Fighter 2

Cheat Codes:
Access the directory where the game is installed. Open the
"VCOP2.INI" file. Find the [Game Setting] line. Add Extra=2
beneath it. Close and save the file. Now, during a game, 
Special and Cheat options appear when Mode Settings (F6) 
is selected. 

Play as Dural:
Highlight Akira and press Down, Up, Right, Left and A. 

Play as Silver Dural:
At the Fighter Select Screen,Press Down,Up,Right,Guard/Kick,Left. 
(Not Too Fast). 

Play as Gold Dural:
At the Fighter Select Screen,Press Down,Up,Left,Guard/Kick,Right. 
(Not Too Fast).
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