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Virtual Resort Spring Break Cheats

Virtual Resort - Spring Break

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Akari

More money:
Hold [Shift] + [Alt] and keep pressing $.

Level select:
Hold [Shift] + [Alt] and type allbuildings at the main menu.

HI i PLAYED GAME and I came to level 6 than in that level it says make 50
couples built women thinks play with beer strength I palyed I did. but i
nevel rich 15 couples so help me about this plase give some advices to me
thank you. 
I god it. I make beer prize 4 dolar and cheap beer.They starting be couple
than I win the game.ZGood luck to me on level 7.

Hi all. I must say, today I started playing the game again after being stuck
on level 9. After only three tries, I beat it with only two people leaving.
I am shocked at myself. Being a hardcore gamer, this one was even a tough 
one for me. I saved the game three hours before I won, hoping to be able 
the share the saved game to help others see what they needed to win. 
However, I saw that in the saved games file it only has the main save which
will have the level completed so those of you who would just want to look at
my island to get an idea and then beat it yourself, wouldn't be able to do 
that because it would already be unlocked. I also don't have anywhere to 
upload it since I can't find a fan site to do it at. Anyway, here are the
only hints I can think of to give you. BTW, price is a big factor, I put 
the price down to half on everything. Also, have your mechanics do their 
rounds in four hour increments on each building, less if the building is 
used alot. First things to build are TWO Cafes. One on each side of the 
island. Then the general store and souvenier shop. Then the disco and 
arcade. Then the bbq and shower. Now mechanic, water purifier and another
generator. You also want to put as many fountains as you can get. Also max
out your number of staff. These people get really finicky about trash. There
is a beer shortage, make sure you are on top of that and don't have vandalism.
After that build as much as you can, but make sure you keep the sexes even or
they will complain. There aren't any sharks in this one so you don't have to
worry about watching for them.

If anyone knows of a fan site or would like to create a fan site and would
like my .dat file, email me and let me know. I can also take screenshots to
give some idea of what you need. Well, I hope this helps some of you.

Best wishes and happy gaming.
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