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Vigilance Cheats


Press [Enter] to display the chat console. Then, enter one 
of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat 

CHEAT    - Infinite health and ammo         
GHOST    - Toggle no clipping               
OTHER    - Toggle AI                        
STATE    - AI status                       
SUICIDE  - Commit suicide                  
FPS      - Display frame rate               
MAXFPS   - Toggle maximum fps to 30 or 60

Some Versions need the asterisk (*):
*cheat   - unlimited health and ammo
*fps     - displays frame rate
*ghost   - no clipping mode
*maxfps  - changes maximum frames per second to 30 or 60
*other   - toggles AI
*state   - AI status
*suicide - you die

 Map mode 
 While playing a game, 
 press [F8].

 Practice mode 
 Click the hidden button in the lower left corner
 of the main menu screen to practice in any mission.
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