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Victoria 2 Cheats

Victoria 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Press [Alt]+21 ingame to open the console. Then type in the following codes.

Code                  Result
yesmen              - Ai will always respond favorably to a request.
instantconstruction - buildings finish in one day.
tag XYZ             - Change to a different country in current game. 
                      Replace XYZ with three-letter country code.
cash                - Gives you a lot of money.
prestige            - Gives you a lot of prestige.
goods [amount]      - Gives you an amount of goods, including money.
leadership          - Gives you officer points, you can recruit as many as you want.
instantresearch     - research finish in one day.
plurality [number]  - Sets the countries plurality.

How to Make Unplayable Countries Playable:
Start a new game with any country. Best choice is that one currently occupying 
your country you want to play with. Observe the provinces and their current 
owner. Let's say you want to play with Croatia. Croatian provinces belong to 
Austria at the beginning.

Exit the game and go to the folder:


Here you'll find all the Austrian provinces' files each having a number. 
Croatian ones are from 770 to 782 for instance '771 - Zagreb.txt'. 
Open each with a text editor, they should look like this:

 owner       = AUS
 controller  = AUS
 add_core    = AUS
 add_core    = CRO
 add_core    = HUN
 add_core    = YUG
 trade_goods = timber
 life_rating = 35

Change the owner and controller to your country code - in this case "CRO".
Start the game and you should now be able to choose your country at the beginning.
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