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Verti Golf Cheats

Verti Golf

Submitted by: David K.

- Verti Golf uses very accurate physics. Use patience and time to
  figure out each hole.
- View the hole (press the view hole button) before playing each 
- Some pipes may not lead the right way.
- Some ramps are not good and may lead the wrong way.
- Hole 4 - shoot the ball up the tall ramp then squeeze it between
  the ramp and bottom of the ball return.
- Hole 5 - aim for the right-hand metal edge of the bridge entrance
  to bounce yr ball onto the bridge 
- Hole 6 - hit it too hard rather than too soft 
- Hole 10 - use the slight indent near the first blocker to line you
  up to go over the pipe to the right on your 2nd shot 
- Hole 11 - if yr 1st shot land you near the bridge entrance, putt it
  back up the slope for a chance of gettin down in 2 
- Hole 14 - good hole in one chance here - use the pipe! 
- Hole 16 - another hole in one chance - it's all about bouncin once 
  on each step
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