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Venetica Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Use a text editor to edit the "keybinds.ini" file in the "game" 
directory.  Add the following lines to the file: 

// cancel running cutscenes
//KC_RETURN = CutsceneMgr:cancelCutscene()
KC_F1 = player:set(_N("Health"),"1000")
KC_F2 = player:set(_N("Mana"),"1000")
KC_F3 = player:set(_N("DeathEnergy"),"1000")
KC_F4 = player:set(_N("Money"),"1000000")
KC_F5 = player:set(_N("LearningPoints"),"1000")
KC_F6 = player:set(_N("AttributePoints"),"1000")

Then, press one of the following keys during game play:

Key    Result
[F1] - Health = 1000
[F2] - Mana = 1000
[F3] - Death Energy = 1000
[F4] - Money = 1000000
[F5] - Learning Points =1000
[F6] - Attribute Points = 1000

Combination Lock Solutions:
Here are the five different lock combinations for the treasure
rooms in Venetica:

Forest Hut      - These are four buttons two on each side of the second story 
                  fire place / 2431
Catacombs       - These are four stones on either side of the iron bars / 4132
Chimney         - This is a valve by the stairs in the Arsenal District / 3241
Windmill Tavern - These are four stones on the balcony inside the tavern, all
                  the way on the left side / 1324
Victors secret  - These are books in the bottom floor of the library in The 
                  Net of the Mask building / 1431
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