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Velvet Assassin Cheats

Velvet Assassin

Cheat Codes:
While playing, hold [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [O] + [E] and then press [H] to activate 
Developer mode. You can then press any of the following cheat keys.

Code   Effect
8    - Add 1000 EXP
6    - Give Explosives
5    - Give Gas Mask
9    - Give Morphine
2    - Give Next Handgun
1    - Give Next Rifle
G    - God Mode
7    - Intended Upgrade Attributes
N    - Maximum Ammo for Current Weapon
M    - Maximum Armor
X    - Toggle Fly Mode
V    - Toggle Visibility

Cheat Method:
Browse to your Velvet Assassin\aio\ folder and open the "difficulty.cfg" file using 
Notepad. You can alter any of the entries in this file to suit your needs. 

For example, change: 

NPCDamage = 1 to NPCDamage = 0

...for Invulnerability. Note that you can also alter other files in this folder such 
as "weapons.cfg" to make further adjustments to your game.

Enemies Cannot See Violet:
Open the enemy files in the install\aio\enemyclasses folder using Notepad. Set all 
the FOV stats to 0 and the enemy will be blind to Violet. She will only be detected
if you bump into them. 

France 1940. Behind the façade of stability a secret, desperate, and 
cruel war of liberation has already begun. As a spy, saboteur, and 
partisan of the French resistance movement, the Résistance, you will
also get involved in this fight.

The omnipresent enemy keeps everything under control and reacts on 
every kind of resistance in a barbarous and brutal way. An open military
confrontation would be a lost cause. 

Therefore, another way has to be found to fight the enemy. You conspire
against the Nazis, operate underground, and pretend to be a harmless 
civilian. This way you can deceive and infiltrate the Nazis to strike
secretly. But don't fall in the hands of the Gestapo that even plants 
spies in the resistance groups ....

* 22 levels will lead you through the cruel story, which is based on 
  true historical facts. 
* Scenarios in authentic French theaters of war in 1943/44, such as 
  Paris occupied by German forces. 
* Seven different characters with various specific attributes 
* Complex enemy AI with numerous surprising behavior patterns 
* Various clothing and uniforms allow the player to operate secretly 
  in military areas behind the enemy lines. 
* Player’s behavior has a direct effect on the relationship between 
  the population and the Résistance (betrayal, assistance, etc.) 
* By skillfully sneaking up on the enemy, soldiers can be overwhelmed 
  and forced at gunpoint to open doors and reveal vital information 
* When under fire, the player can fake death by using the “Playing 
  Dead Mode” to deceive the enemy.
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