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Urban Assault Cheats

Urban Assault

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Santiago Regí

Having more energy:
1) Start a game and save it without doing anything.(put the name that you want)
2) Go to My PC
3) Go were you have installed Urba Assault
4) When you find the carpet enter and find one called SAVE
5) Enter and find a carpet with the name of the saved game
6) Example C:\Urban Assault\Save\ Your archive
7) When you get in you will find a TXT file that is called User
Get in and you will find this and a very big list, but you only need this:


playerstatus = 0_0_0_1035630

playerstatus = 1_126_49_1035630_180_7830_4_3

playerstatus = 2_0_0_1035630_0_0_0_0

playerstatus = 3_0_0_1035630_0_0_0_0

playerstatus = 4_0_0_1035630_0_0_0_0

playerstatus = 5_0_0_1035630_0_0_0_0

playerstatus = 6_1_0_1035630_25_35_0_0

playerstatus = 7_0_0_1035630_0_0_0_0

maxroboenergy = 92500 Change

maxreloadconst = 92500 Change

numbuddies = 128 Change

beamenergy = 700 Change (beamgate energy)

jodiefoster = 0_0_0_0_0_0_1_0 ; the contact flags


The lines that you have to change are MAXROBOENERGY, MAXRELOADCONST, 
NUMBUDDIES and BEAMENERGY, delete the number and change it (it has 
to be a number higher than the original, try with 6000000 in all the 
lines that I have said). Don't put a higher number or when you start 
your host energy will go down. DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING ONLY THE NUMBERS.
8)Press start and Restart Game

Submitted by: michael

open word pad useually found in accesories under the start menu load the 
urban assault files. Then load the save file then pick a save eg sdu7 then 
select user.text. If this is not shown you may have only certain types of 
fie being displayed so change this to all files. once u have opend this 
scroll down till you reach level staus 99 then change the =1 to =2. 
Once this is done load up UA and then the saved game (in this case sdu7) 
then you should see a yellow button in the top left corner with "debug" on it . 
click on this and it will load up a secret mission. in this mission u will have 
all vehicle types and buildings including enemey units and u will also have an 
evilfurze which i think is suposed to be the secret wepon when u type swepon 
while holding shift but this does not seem to addition u will have 
increased energy uptake and host station total energy. once u complete this 
mission u will have all the resistance vehicles + evilfurze +increased enrgy 
absortion + hoststation life energy :-) Happy gameing 

Submitted by: Mathew Blackhurst

When a enemy is attacking your host station press F6 and hold it 
down and when your host station is destroyed you will be automatically 
be transported to an enemy host station.

Submitted by: Mass Resistance
( You must be in the host station to do this )  
When your host station is about to be destroyed, 
simply hold down the F6 key, and when your host 
station is destroyed, you will be transfered to 
an enemy host station.  ( Only works if enemies 
are destroying you, and not the energy of the 
sector )

Type in the following codes during gameplay: 
SWEAPON (while holding [Shift])-Gain new vehicle 
with a bonus weapon 

Filehacks 1
Submitted by: Aditya Lele

When in a game save the scenario and go to windows explorer. 
Open a file in the save directory which coressponds to the 
time you started the game, it will have an .RST extension.
About 2/3 way down the file (open it in wordpad) you will 
find three grids which match the grid in which you are playing

The first grid is for ownership of grids the second is for 
buildings where you can put a  double digit as o1 which 
represents a powerstation so when you go back you have lots of 
powerstations with humongous power (provided you have turned 
all the values in the ownership grid as 01 aswell)I am yet to 
decipher the third and the largest grid termed energy grid.

Filehacks 2
When you start a mission immediately pause it and go to 
windows explorer. Look under the 'Saved' directory in the 
directory that Urban Assault was saved in and in your 
savegame directory look for a file with an .
RST extension with a time that corresponds with the time you 
started the mission. Now edit this file using Wordpad (it's 
just a long text file). Most of it I haven't interpreted yet 
but about 2/3 the way down you'll find a grid setup with the 
title 'Ownermap' and it will consist of a series of 2 digit 
numbers setup in a grid which coincidentally matches the grid 
setup for the map you're currently playing. Change all values 
in the Ownermap to '01' which gives you ownership of all cells 
in the grid. Save the file and exit. Return to the game and start 
it up again. 

Now the extension .RST stands for restart. So click on the 'X' 
in the bottom right of the screen and pick 'Restart mission'. 
When you restart you will have ownership of all cells and this 
seriously screws up the enemies ability to collect power and 
consequently create vehicles etc. And you'll be able to collect 
HUGE amounts for doing just that. The enemy will have to spend 
the first little while re-capturing powerstations and cells to 
try to gain power back and in the meantime you can just pound 

There is also a 'Buildingmap' which I've experimented with to 
try to give myself some flak stations but it hasn't worked yet. 
If I find anything else out I'll letcha know.

Cheat Codes:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy 
of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "user.txt" 
file in the "\microsoft games\urban assault\save\" folder in the game 
directory that corresponds to your username. Change the ''status = 1'' 
entry to ''status = 2''. Start the game and load the save that was changed. 
A "Debug" level can now be selected. Complete the debug level to unlock 
all buildings and all Resistance units for other levels. 

Regain energy faster:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy 
of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "user.txt" 
file in the "\microsoft games\urban assault\save\" folder in the game 
directory that corresponds to your username. Increase the value of the 
"maxreloadconst" line to set the maximum amount of energy that can be 
recharged over twenty seconds. Note: Entering a value approaching 10000000 
may cause the game to glitch. 

All weapons:
Press T during game play.

Change Hoststation:
When you are about to be blown up, hold [F6] and you will be taken to a 
different Hoststation. Note: If you complete the level you will be back 
as the Resistance when done.
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