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Unreal Tournament Cheats

Unreal - Tournament

Cheat Multiplayer:
Submitted by: WaterBoy

To activate the cheat mode in multiplayer do its Multiplayer -> 
Start New Multiplayer Game -> Server. Then where search the words 
Admin Password After you found the this write there a password that
you want like 1234 then press "Start" and in the game press "Tab" 
and write "adminlogin 1234" (1234 Change to your password) and press
enter after you did this you became the administrator now press "Tab"
and write "iamtheone" and press enter and now you enabled cheats 
write a cheat from the list and the cheat will be: Effect                               

Code               Result
god              - God Mode
loaded           - All Weapons
fly              - Flight mode
ghost            - No clipping Mode
walk             - Disable flight and no clipping
addbots          - Add indicated number of bots
slomo  - Change game speed (default is 1.0)
behindview 0     - First person view 
allammo          - Full ammunition
killall          - Kill all indicated enemy type  
killpawns        - Kill all opponents 
summon unreali.  - Spawn indicated item1  
summon unreali.  - Spawn indicated opponent1 
playersonly      - Stop time
behindview 1     - Third person view

Submitted by: Drazen

In last battle You vs. Xan you don't have to chase 
Xan trough the level! Stay near the shield belt and 
you must be 150 sildbelt+200 health,and Xan will come 
there for 100% guaranteed.You be prepared for him! 

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Grim Reaper

then you play singel tournament :use this!! in game!!!!!
hit tab and type iamtheone and hit enter, now cheatmode 
are same thing whith these codes:

Effect                               Code 
God mode                           - god 
All weapons                        - loaded  
Flight mode                        - fly 
No clipping mode                   - ghost  
Disable flight and no clipping     - walk  
Add indicated number of bots       - addbots   
Advance to indicated map           - open   
Broadcast message to others        - say   
Change game speed (default is 1.0) - slomo   
First person view                  - behindview 0  
Full ammunition                    - allammo  
Kill all indicated enemy type      - killall   
Kill all opponents                 - killpawns  
Spawn indicated item1              - summon unreali.  
Spawn indicated opponent1          - summon unreali.  
Stop time                          - playersonly  
Third person view                  - behindview 1  

1. There are no spaces between the period and the item or 
opponent name. 

Item names:
Use one of the following entries with the 
summon code. 

quad shot 

Opponent names:
Use one of the following entries with the killall or 
summon codes. 

stone titan

Boss skin:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy 
of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "user.ini" 
file in the game directory. 

Add the following lines: 


Multiplayer Codes: 
First you have to type: "Allow-cheats-codes-God-damn" to enable the cheat
codes.These codes works in multiplayer-games too

Code                       Result
Kill-that-son-of-a-bitch = Kill nearest opponent
Mr.-handyman             = All weapons and ammo
I-don't-want-to-die      = God mode 

You can give orders to your bots before you start a game; this way, you 
can jump right into the action without pausing to tell everyone what to do. 

When you're on the offense in an Assault map, command all the bots to cover 
you. Wait right outside a defensive choke point; then when your team is 
gathered, issue the attack command to overwhelm the enemy defenses. 

One of the best ways to learn a map is to turn a skilled bot loose and have
the camera follow it as it plays; you can also find secret areas in the 
levels this way. 

CTF---Face Tips !
Submited By Zorlan DragonSoul
Best Snipeing Positions :-

*Where the damage amplifyer is,crowch to see all enemy base apart from bottem

*Up at the very top of your base is two poles with fire the top use the 
translocator to get up & snipe away.

*Go to the top of your base jump down the sides until you can go round a 
corner dont get your sniper rifle out and blow there heads off.

*Go the the Redeemer spot walk to the back and snipe them to bits.

Easy Points :-(   Face Map Only   )

Get the sniper rifle at the side of your base aim directly to the over base 
side where there sniper rifle is and shoot them as they resporn.

Strange Floting Man ! (   Face Map Only   )

In the blue base benind the rocket lornsher you cant seem to walk to the wall
if u use the translocator to get to the blue flame to the right then shoot at
the top of the place where u could not get to before transport and wala you 
are floting you can use this to your advantage like to shoot some one as they 
walk round the corner.  ( P.s Does not work in red base )

Instant retern ( All levils )
When you get in to the enemy base shoot a translocator disk some where where no 
one will find it e.g - Damage amplifyer get the flag take it back.Get all armor 
and ammo then simply right click and your in the enemy base.    

Continous Fire (any gun):
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Pick a gun, any gun except the impact hammer. I.E.Double Enforcer. Push the 
trigger and then Esc. Once you have done that release the trigger then press
Esc again now you should be able to shoot without pressing the trigger. And it 
wont stop untill you press the trigger again or run out of ammo!

UT Cheats:
Submitted by: Cialian

SUMMON ECLIP - Summons a Clip
SUMMON BIOAMMO - Summons a Biosludge ammo
SUMMON SHOCKCORE - Summons a Shockcore
SUMMON PAMMO - Summons a Pulse cell
SUMMON BLADEHOPPER - Summons some razor Blades
SUMMON MINIAMMO - Summons 50 Bullets
SUMMON FLAKAMMO - Summons 10 Flak shells
SUMMON ROCKETPACK - Summons a Rocketpack
SUMMON BULLETBOX - Summons box of rifle rounds
SUMMON RIFLESHELL - Summons(one)Rifle round
SUMMON HEALTHPACK - Summons Big Keg 'O Health + 100
SUMMON HEALTHVIAL - Summons a Health Vial
SUMMON MEDBOX - Summons a Health Pack + 20
SUMMON UT_SHIELDBELT - Summons a Shield Belt
SUMMON UDAMAGE - Summons the Damage Amplifier
SUMMON ARMOR2 - Summons the Body Armor
SUMMON UT_INVISIBILITY - Summons the Invisibility
SUMMON THIGHPADS - Summons a Thigh Pads
SUMMON UT_GRENADE - Summons a Grenade (From Rocket Launcher)
SUMMON VISIBLETELEPORTER - Summons a Visible Teleporter

Submitted by: Mapu Sisoa
2 turn into cheatmode push that squiggly line thing and type in god. 
u can never go wrong with that!(~)that squig line

Press T during game play, backspace over the default text in the chat window, 
then Enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding relic on 
the mutater's menu. 

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character. 
Akasha: Kill Akasha in the final mission. 
Damian: Unlocked at some point during Chapter 4. 
Kragoth: Unlocked at some point during Chapter 4. 
Lauren: Kill Lauren at least once in a Deathmatch in Chapter 2 of Campaign mode. 
Lauren will become unlocked after a subsequent Deathmatch. 
Loque: Unlocked during Chapter 5 after a Capture The Flag match. 
Malakai: Unlocked at some point during Chapter 4. 
Matrix: Kill Matrix at least once in a Deathmatch in Chapter 3 of Campaign mode. 
Matrix will become unlocked during a side mission in Chapter 3. 
Scythe: Kill Scythe at least once in a Deathmatch in Chapter 4 of Campaign mode. 
Scythe will become unlocked after a subsequent Deathmatch. 

Phantom mode:
Get killed by a rocket. Then, immediately pause the game when the screen is about
to flash white. Press ~ and enable the "God mode" code. You will not be able to 
fight, as you cannot fire or respawn. You will have restart by escaping and starting 
a new game. Also, enable the "No clipping" code to look around. 

More armor:
This trick should be done in a level where the Shield Belt and Body Armor are 
relatively close together. First, get the Shield Belt and drain it to less than 50%. 
Next, get the Body Armor, so your armor total is between 100% and 150%. Finally, 
get the Shield Belt again. Your armor total will go up to 150%, but in reality it 
is actually 250%. You can tell if you have done this correctly because both the 
shield belt indicator and the body armor indicator will be activated on your body 
icon. This trick can also be done with thigh pads, but it is less advisable, 
considering thigh pads only give 50% armor.

Put a giant object in the background: 
Go to any level with an outside area (planets, mountains, buildings, etc. in the 
background). Enable the ghost code. Hold [Jump] to fly straight up. Keep going until 
you can either see a cluster of lights off by itself away from the level (Tempest, 
Core Facility, etc.); or you rise out of the level's cube (everything will be black), 
in which case if you keep going long enough you will see a smaller version of the 
level's cube (Morpheus, Tomb Of Sesmar, Phobos Moon, etc.). Fly towards this cube 
or cluster of lights. Once you are inside, enable the walk code. If done correctly 
you will now be standing on the floor of a room which walls look like the background.
Put an object on the ground (Translocator Disk recommended), and remember where on 
the picture of the background it landed. Enable the ghost code again fly back to 
the arena. There will now be an enlarged version of your object in the corresponding 
location on the background where you left it previously. If you used the Translocator 
Disk, you can now teleport back to the miniature world. However, make sure that the 
ghost code is disabled or you will die. This trick only works on single player mode.

Speech Menu:
Do you hate when you are the only member of your team actually doing something?
Tired of your useless team just following you around doing nothing, while you 
are doing everything?
During a game where you have members on your team, press V to open up the Speech 
Menu. In here, you can select various things to say to your team, and they will 
actually respond to you and do what you say. So if you want them to attack, they
will. If you want them to defend, they will. If you want them to capture the 
enemy flag, they will. The Menu has a lot of various things in it, so try it out
in a game or two and see which team commands you could be using.

See Your Team:
This should work in every mode except for Deathmatch (since you are alone). It is 
most useful in Capture the Flag, I would say. When you would like to know where the 
other members of your team are on the map, press F5. The camera will then move 
infront of one of your team members, showing where they are and what they are doing.
If you keep pressing F5, the camera will move to the other players on your team, and
then eventually back to you. It is very handy knowing where your team is because you
can go to them if they need help.

Use Boss Skin without completing Single Player campaign:
Find the file user.ini file in your UnrealTournament\System directory.
Create a new line in an open space called: 


Under that line print: HasBeatenGame=True 
After you do this, it should look like this:


You should be able to use the Boss skin in single and multiplayer.

Cool Trick:
When you are on the high spped assault level with the helicopter. When you are 
defending and you are in the small rooms that you respawn in go to one of the 
mirrors and shoot at it with the ripper and it will look like it has gone through
the mirror and came back out.

Continous Fire:
Pick a gun, any gun except the impact hammer. I.E.Double Enforcer. Push the trigger 
and then Esc. Once you have done that release the trigger then press Esc again now 
you should be able to shoot without pressing the trigger. And it wont stop untill 
you press the trigger again or run out of ammo!

Easy Cheat Mode:
Go to UnrealTournament\System\User.Ini (the file is a configuration file, use Notepad),
then Find a Blank key or Keys ( For examples: R=,U=, or 7=), put the cheats you desired. 

Here are 3 examples:
Press the key you put it on a cheat, like U=AllAmmo,then at the game when you press U,
all of your weapons ammo comes a total of 999 (This is an example, Not automatic).
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