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Universe At War Earth Assault Cheats

Universe At War - Earth Assault

Easily complete Masari second mission:
This strategy is quite risky and will be very costly. It is best executed after the
second or third mission when you have at least one Energy Magnet (critical) and a 
Key Inspiration. This strategy involves building up an army in Global mode and then
rushing in all your units for a full front assault on the enemy Origin Core, Glyph 
Carvers, and any other mission-critical units (Reaper/Detection Drones, Walkers, 
etc.). While this will not likely destroy the entire force instantly, it will allow
you to build a base without worrying about any attacks or enemy reinforcements. 
Before starting the mission, make sure to completely reach the unit cap in Global 
mode (for example, use Skylords mixed with Peacebringers due to their sheer power).
When starting the mission, immediately create a save. Next, find the Hierarchy base.
Once you know its position, revert to your saved game, and bring your Dropship close
to the base. Make sure it is close enough where your units only have to walk a few 
feet but not so that they are attacked the moment they hit the ground. Order all 
your units to attack the Origin Core. Once that is done, move onto the Glyph Cavers.
Chances are that if you have made it here quickly, the Glyph Carvers should only 
still be summoning the first Reaper Drones and have not begun with the walkers. The
next move is up to you -- either chase the drones/walkers or return to base and attack
later. The only important objective is that the Glyph Carvers and Origin Core are gone.
Note: Move fast, do not hesitate, and do not allow your enemy to build. It is not a bad
idea to have Architects at work with a base to fall back on in case of a failed assault
and you do not want to restart. Casualties are also going to be high. Most to all of 
your units will be destroyed, but their cost will be offset by both the Energy Magnet(s)
and the fact that your enemy will have no base or reinforcements to summon thus allowing
you to build a new army from the battlefield or the Globe.

Can't Stop Novus (8 points)    - Defeat 5 Ranked Game opponents while playing as Novus
Whirling Dervish (15 points)   - Destroy 100 enemy aircraft using only Dervishes during 
                                 Conquer the World matches
The Power Must FLOW (5 points) - Build 50 Flow Conduits during a single Ranked or Conquer 
                                 the World match
Pure OHMage (12 points)        - Win 5 multiplayer games against other Novus opponents 
                                 during a Ranked Game
Research is Key (35 points)    - Defeat 5 Ranked Game opponents in a row while playing 
                                 as Novus
Swift Victory (5 points)       - Achieve victory within the first 18 minutes of a Ranked 
Time Means Nothing (35 points) - Defeat 5 Ranked Game opponents in a row while playing 
                                 as Masari
Dark Matter FTW (10 points)    - Spend 90% of your time in "Dark" mode during 4 Conquer 
                                 the World matches
Unlimited Power (15 points)    - Defeat 1 Ranked Game opponent while playing as Masari
Gifts are Nice (5 points)      - Construct 1 of each Masari structure during a Ranked Game 
                                 or Conquer the World match
The Sacred Cow (10 points)     - Collect 200 cows in Ranked or Conquer the World multiplayer 
                                 games using Kamal Rex
Peace through Power (8 points) - Win 3 Conquer the World games using only the "Assault" 
                                 research branch
Mutation Madness (8 points)    - Win 3 Conquer the World games using only the "Mutagen"
                                 research branch
The Basics (10 points)         - Complete the Prelude Campaign
Novus Campaign (15 points)     - Complete Novus Campaign on normal or hard difficulty
Hierarchy Campaign (35 points) - Complete Hierarchy Campaign on normal or hard difficulty
Masari Campaign (45 points)    - Complete Masari Campaign on normal or hard difficulty
True Power (60 points)         - All campaigns completed on normal difficulty
Can't Touch This (70 points)   - All campaigns completed on hard difficulty
Zombie Luvin' (20 points)      - Convert 100 civilians into zombies in skirmish, scenario or 
                                 campaign games
Sweep the Leg (10 points)      - Destroy your first Hierarchy Walker in a skirmish, scenario 
                                 or main campaign game
Cow Go Moo (20 points)         - Collect 100 mutilated cows using Reapers in skirmish, scenario 
                                 or campaign games
Master Tactician (25 points)   - Win 1 scenario campaign game
Supreme General (60 points)    - Play through 1 scenario campaign on medium difficulty without 
                                 losing any battles
Crater Creator (15 points)     - Destroy five enemy structures using any Super Weapon during 
                                 skirmish battles
Demolition Expert (15 points)  - Defeat 1 medium AI in less than 20 minutes in a skirmish battle
Hoover Maneuver (40 points)    - Use Reapers to acquire 100,000 additional Raw Materials during 
                                 a skirmish session
Skirmish King (50 points)      - Defeat 3 hard AI players during a skirmish session
No Need For Heroes (35 points) - Defeat 1 hard AI player in a skirmish battle without building 
                                 any heroes
Feel The Burn (35 points)      - Defeat two medium AI players during a skirmish session
Opposites Attract (15 points)  - Defeat 5 opponents on the opposite platform
Forged Alliance (35 points)    - Play a team game with someone on the opposite platform

When you are on Novus and want to hit the enemy head on, get a inverter and set him to the 
shield mode by going on its abilities. Get as many of your troops of any kind in the shield
and move towards their base. Have them attack. When the enemy is in range stop everyone and
attack, keeping them inside the shield. They will be fine. The inverter will get destroyed 
unless you bring ten Constructers and heal him.

Territory preview:
Purchase Spying for two territories. Have your leader attack a territory. Immediately before
the leader touches it, click the option to spy on that location (making sure you have two 
spying abilities). Intentionally lose the battle to get a preview of the entire territory,
including the base and heroes located there.
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