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Ultima Underworld 2 Labyrinth of Worlds Cheats

Ultima Underworld 2 - Labyrinth of Worlds

Unlimited scrolls and potions:
Use a fireball spell on a potion or scroll. Collect the remnants of 
the destroyed item and use it. The remnants will have the same effect
as the original potion or scroll and may be used an unlimited amount 
of time. 

Free Gold: 
If you ever need more money, find someone who you can barter with. If 
they have any money, they will give all their gold for one gold piece.
(Example-13 gold traded for 1 gold piece) The NPC's always accept the 

Rune Fact:
There are 24 Runes in the game, corresponding to 24 letters of the 
Alphabet, the missing letters are 'X' and 'Z'.
Each rune starts with the letter that it corresponds to 
(Ex. 'Grav' is 'G').
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