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Ultimate 8 Ball Cheats

Ultimate 8 Ball

Tip 1: 
Be prepared for the cushion bounces, which are far more powerful 
than they should be. 

Tip 2:
Soft, controlled shots are very difficult to master, 
because the game makes it hard to gauge how far back 
you should pull your mouse and how hard you should 
push forward; there is a very fine line between a good 
soft touch and barely moving the cue ball. There is no 
fix for this because the game's programming is so weird, 
so you best be prepared. 

Tip 3:
The game offers the option of going with "no call" rules. 
Though this may bother pool aficionados, no call is the 
best way to go if you really want to win--when up against 
the game's erratic ball movement, your best chance is to 
hope for as many flukes as possible.
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