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Ultima Online Cheats

Ultima Online

Increased stats:
When you are on a shard that allows you to bring up your stats, drink a lot of beer 
until your stats are 1-1-1, or at least all under 3. Then fight something such as a 
dummy or a headless and your stats will go up. Keep doing this until you cannot buy 
anymore beer.

Creating a character:
A good safe character is easy to create. The following character is good for money, 
fighting, and buying items. Since you only can have so much skills and stats, try 
the following: 

Swords/Fencing/Macing (no archery) 
100 STR
100 DEX
25 INT 

Start at Minoc, which good for ores and Vesper is a good place of trade, and for when 
you become GM Smith. Start in Trammel. A pack horse is a good investment. You should 
have a Fisher who can get you a lot of food, which is important for skill gains. With
all the money, buy some more shovels/pick axes and start a mage.
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