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Ultima 5 Warriors Of Destiny Cheats

Ultima 5 - Warriors Of Destiny

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by. RM

Maxing Stats:
Pretty simple, when you die, you loose 50 exp.

So get your characters to around 220 experience, camp until Lord Britsh appears to set 
everybody level to 3 and just die. You will go back to level 2 but you will NOT loose 
the stats (INT/STR/DEX). Repeat the process until you reach 30-30-30.

The results are amazing, your party will be overwhelming. I think DEX is the most 
important attribute, you will get to do several turns before your opponents play and 
also you will never miss a hit with that nice magic axe of yours.

Wishing Well:
Try to drop a coin into well in either Paws or Empath Abbey and wish for "horse" ... 
you will get a free horse. 

Unlimited treasure:
* First, you will need some Skull Keys.  I forget precisely what town you can find these
  in, but I am almost certain it's Empath Abbey.  There's a fellow who mysterious wanders
  off at a certain time every day, and if you follow him, you'll discover a tree.  Search
  it, and you'll find a ring of five skull keys, which can pick "odd doors". Return again 
  the next day (after having left the town), and you can get more keys.

* Now go to Lord British's Castle, and go down to the basement. In the south hallway of 
  the bottom floor, there is an "odd door" in the north wall. Use a Skull Key to open the
  door, and you'll find the King's Treasury. Loot all the chests and barrels. Now leave 
  the Castle completely. Come back, go down to the basement, and the door will be unlocked.
  Pick it again, and you'll find that all the chests and barrells are full of loot again.

* You can do this an unlimited number of times. When you're satisfied with your load of 
  goodies, go to Britain, or any other town, and sell the goods you pilfered to a blacksmith.

Increasing stats:
When you die, you lose 50 experience points. To use this to your advantage, get your 
characters to about 220 experience points. Camp until Lord British appears to get everyone
to level 3 then intentionally die to return to level 2. You will not lose your intelligence,
strength, or dexterity. Repeat this process until each of those stats are at 30.
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