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UK Truck Simulator Cheats

UK Truck Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Vaibhav

How to increase money:
Increase ur money... Just go to a save file in your "/UK Truck Simulator/saves"
folder and edit the file "game.sii" in a folder of save. Edit with notepad.
Here in that after 3 pages down u will find this line. money_account:
Beside that you will find actual amount of ur money.
Just add what ever amount u like. 
for e.g 99999999999, 55599999999 etc. and u will have that amount in game also.
Enjoy....if any problem is there contact to my email id.

How to get $50000 cash in game and easy!:
Submitted by: daniel

Use a text editor to edit the "config" file in the "\My Documents\UK Truck Simulator"
directory. Change the "Unset G Consol 0" line to "Unset G Consol 1" to enable the 
console window.

In game, press the ~ key and type in "cheat money" its simple easy and in game so 
you can afford some of the good trucks in the game and you can do it as many tims 
as you like!

Increase reputation points:
Submitted by: ewan

go to "my documents"..then "uk truck simulator"..then the "save" folder..after this 
click on your save file (its best if you only have one save as this will help you 
choose the right save).. now select "game" with a text file (note pad rorks best)..
then change the reputation_points:***(what ever your point score is) to EG:. 

Open carrer and turn off police:
Submitted by: mads

go to my documents/uk truck simulator
open config.cfg and roll down to police "1" and change it to police "0"
so save.. now you have turned off the police now to the carrer
go to my documents/uk truck simulator/save then you chose the save you working with
then open game.ssi then you roll down to "employe mode" then change from "true" to "false"
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