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UFO Aftershock Cheats

UFO - Aftershock

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Start the game with the enable_system_console=true command line parameter. Start 
the game and press ' to display the console window. 
Note: Press  in the German version of the game or  in the Scandinavian version 
of the game to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes at 
the console window to activate the cheat function. 

Code                        Result 
?                         - List All Commands.
untouch                   - Invincible Soldiers.
full_store                - All Weapons, Full Equipment.
full_heal                 - All Units Healed.
win_mission               - Win Mission.
add_resource #, #, #, #   - Additional Resources.
build_all                 - Instant Project Completion.
full_stores               - All Items in Base Storage.

Wargot Mothership Crash:
You've entered the Wargot mothership but your game crashes every time to enter the 
Wargot campaign screen for the first time and the main menu told you that you have 
game version 1.2 installed?

Well then it is very likely that you / your distributor installed just the patch 1.2.
Due to a bug in the distribution system, the patch 1.2 does not contain the changes 
from patch 1.1, even if mentioned otherwise. So you have to install the patch 1.1 
and afterwards the patch 1.2. Then you should be able to play the Wargot mothership 
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