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Twisted Metal 2 Cheats

Twisted Metal 2

Type at the car select screen:
GLORIOUS  - Cheats Enabled
ICECREAM  - Play as Sweet Tooth
BIGBOY    - Play as Minion

Type during gameplay
GLORIOUS   - Cheats Enabled
DIVINE     - God Mode
ALLUCANEAT - Eternal Life
DOUBLEDOWN - Supercharged Weapons
HOLYSMOKES - Infinite Weapons
SLAMFEST   - Super Slam
GIMMEMORE  - Weapons Added
2HOT       - Homing Napalm
CUSUCKA    - Mega Guns
FRAMERATE  - Display framerate

While playing, press these keys in rapid succession
D,U,R,L,U,U,D,D - Soul sold (trade weapons for health)
L,R,U - Freeze Burst
R,L,D - Mine
R,L,U - Napalm
U,U,R - Shield
U,U,L - High Jump
L,R,D - Rear Attack
R,D,L,U - Cloaking
U,D,U,U,Space - Minion Attack

Type at the level select screen in multi-player mode:
DASBAK  - Net Cheats Enabled
SLEUTH  - Sneak Peeks
JMSWAMP - Suicide Swamp Level
TMBURBS - Cyburbia Level
TMROOF  - Rooftops Level

Special trick:
Submitted by: Rishi Chandak

In twisted metal 2 in paris go to top of the Effile tower set a remote 
there and blow it up. It will spread all over the building and you can 
go over the roof easily and collect all weapons easily. You can even try 
the same in Holland Fields Of Scream.Enjoy

Submited by Ayush Tomar:

In Amozonia:Firewalk there would be a statue at center, destroy that and 
under it you would find a secret subway.

Play as Sweet Tooth:
Type gloriousicecream at the vehicle selection screen. Type dasbakicecream at 
the vehicle selection screen in multi-player mode. 

Play as Minion:
Type gloriousbigboy at the vehicle selection screen. Type dasbakbigboy at the 
vehicle selection screen in multi-player mode.

Play as Minion, Sweettooth or Darktooth:
Twisted Metal 2 saves your games in the Windows95 system registry so in order for
you to edit your games you will need to go to the Start button on your task bar,
click it then go to Run and click that. Then type in regedit. This will start 
the system registry editor. 
The first thing you should do is to go to the Registry menu at the top and export
the registry file to a safe location, another hard drive or floppy disk, just in
case you mess something up. This is a good idea to do on a regular basis in case
your registry becomes corrupt which does happen from time to time. If you need 
to restore your registry you can start Windows in safe mode, run regedit and 
import the registry file from wherever you saved it. 

To edit the saved games click the + sign beside HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Then click 
the + sign beside SOFTWARE. Next scroll down to the + beside SONY INTERACTIVE 
and click it. Then click the + beside Twisted Metal 2. This should leave you 
with a folder that is labeled 1.0.1 ( it may be different on your machine if 
you downloaded and applied the patch from Sony ). Clicking on the folder opens
up all the information about TM2 in the right hand window. Down towards the 
bottom you should see Slot1-Slot6 depending on how many games you have saved,
note you MUST have a game saved in order to edit it. 
Choose the slot that you want to edit, the slots are in the same order as they 
appear in the save game/load game screens when TM2 is running. Click the slot 
to highlight it then go to the top of the editor and click Edit, Modify. This 
should give you a window that looks like this. screen shot 2 Scroll to the bottom
of this window to get to the items that you wish to edit. The things that I have 
figured out so far are the level you are on, the car you are driving . To edit 
the car you are click on the numer and/or letter just to the right of the number
that says 0080. 

To edit this value, hit the DELETE key and type in the new value. Valid numbers 
are 00-0E, just so you know these values are in hexadecimal 10 comes AFTER 0F, 
which comes after 0E, and is not included in the valid range. The corresponding
car values are:

03=Mr. Grimm
0A=Mr. Slam

To save all of your changes just simply hit the OK button then exit out of regedit.
For those of you who don't know Minion is the Boss from Twisted Metal 1 which was
only available on the Sony Playstation. Darktooth is the Boss that you have to 
fight after you defeat all your opponents in the Hong Kong level, you fight him 
also there. A hint on howto defeat him, learn to fire the freeze blast. 
Also it is not advisable to play as Darktooth as he is so large the only way you
can see where you are going is to switch to the helicopter view which, at least 
on my machine, sometimes washes the screen out with a grey color that doesn't go 
away. Minion is by far the BADDEST car to drive as he can easily destroy any other
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