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Turok Evolution Cheats

Turok - Evolution

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

In the options menu, select the "password" option, then enter 
any of the below for the desired effect.

Result                                           Code 
Activate all codes                             - FMNFB
Invincibility                                  - EMERPUS
All available weapons in level                 - TEXAS
Unlimited ammunition                           - MADMAN
Level select                                   - SELLOUT
Invisibility                                   - SLLEWGH
Big head mode                                  - HEIDS
Zoo mode                                       - ZOO
Play as Raptor in multi-player deathmatch mode - RAPTOR
Demo mode and target mini-game                 - HUNTER

Pacing lizard at title screen:
Go to the "Cheats" menu and watch the "Art Gallery" presentation. After 
"The Turok Team" picture, it ends and begins to cycle again. Return to 
the first main menu and wait for about five minutes. From the left, a 
small green lizard will walk along the bottom of your screen, with a 
picket sign that reads "Lost Land or Bust!!!". When he reaches the right 
side of the screen, he will turn around and walk the other way, revealing 
the other side of the sign which reads "Start the Game!". He will look 
over at you a couple of times, but mainly stares at the ground. 

Killing underwater alligators:
Use the pistol. It will shoot things that are underwater when you are not.

Save ammunition:
When you see a raptor or an alligator, you can save ammunition by using the war 
club. Hold [Shoot] and your character will hold the club back. When you release 
it, he will use the spiked side of the club, which can kill alligators and 
raptors in one hit. 

Nuke in multi-player mode:
The Nuke can be found in three multiplayer levels: Tears Of Horatio, Withering 
Heights, and Dino-Depot. Note: Do not have the "Unlimited Ammo" option in the 
multi-player options menu activated or the Nuke will not appear. You can still 
use the "Unlimited Ammo" cheat in the cheat menu and get the Nuke. 
The "Unlimited Ammo" cheat does not give you unlimited Nukes. 
The Nuke will respawn after a period of time. 

Kill enemies with one hit from battle ax:
Note: This trick does not work on Raptors, Purrlin, and Captain Bruckner. Have 
the battle ax ready. Hold [Fire] until Tal'Set turns the ax around and puts it 
behind him. Then, aim for the enemy's head (you might have to jump) and release.
It helps to have the invisibility cheat enabled so that they stand still. If 
you miss but still hit them, try hitting them one more time.

Zoo mode with more weapons:
Use the following trick to play in zoo mode with more than just the axe. Enable 
either the FMNFB or TEXAS codes and turn on the all weapons option. Then, enable 
the ZOO code. You should now have a pistol. 
Note: Enabling FMNFB is recommended, as you can also turn on unlimited ammo.

Defeating Bruckner:
To kill Bruckner, the last Boss in the game, run a safe distance from him. Line 
him up with a tree so that it is in front and Brucker behind. When Bruckner gets 
close to the tree, shoot it onto him. Note: The tree takes more hits than usual 
to take down. It should kill Bruckner in one hit. 
This also has the same affect on other enemies.

Nuke in single player mode:
In Chapter 8, "Arena", defeat the Steracosaur Boss. After doing this, the force 
field around the middle pillar will drop. Climb to the top of the pillar to get 
both the Nuke Attachment (for the Rocket Launcher) and a Nuke. You will now be 
able to fire the Nuke only twice (the Nuke Attachment has a Nuke already in it).
There are no more Nukes past Chapter 8. Also , the "All weapons" and "Unlimited 
ammunition" cheats do not work for the Nuke.

Better aim with weapons without scopes: 
Equip a weapon with a scope (Tek Bow recommended). Aim at whatever you are trying
to shoot with the scope. Then, switch to a more powerful weapon without a scope 
and fire. The crosshairs will not move and you will hit the target.
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