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Turok 2 Seeds of Evil Cheats

Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil

Cheat Codes:
While playing a game, enter one of the following Codes:

Code                       Result
TROMPEM                  - Big hands and feet mode                              
BIGBADNOODLE             - Big head mode                                        
HELLOSTICKY              - Stick mode                                           
LILLIPUTIAN              - Tiny mode                                            
PICASSO                  - Pen and Ink mode                                     
HENRYSBILERP             - Gouraud mode                                         
YOQUIEROJUAN             - Juans cheat                                          
LEGOMANIAC               - Zach attack cheat                                    
INEEDAUPS                - Blackout mode                                        
WIZARDOFOZ               - Tasty frooty stripes                       
OBLIVIONISOUTTHERE       - Big cheat                                            
JANESSPECIALWORLD        - Janes cheat                                          

Alternate cheat codes
UBERNOODLE       = big head mode
HOLASTICKBOY     = Stick Man mode
STOMPEM          = big hands and feet mode
PIPSQUEAK        = makes enemies tiny
IGOTABFA         = pen-and-ink mode
WHATSATEXTUREMAP = Garoud mode (weird colors)

While playing a game, enter one of 
the following key combinations:

ALT-CTRL-B  = enable boxes
ALT-CTRL-R  = toggle rain
ALT-CTRL-W  = toggle wind
ALT-CTRL-S  = toggle snow

For weapon sighting coordinates
While at the target range and ready to shoot, press ALT-CTRL-T. 
Fire to display targeting coordinates in X-Y format. Use the 
cursor keys to adjust the coordinates until they are set to 0-0.
The weapon is now sighted in.
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