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Turbo Tanks Cheats

Turbo Tanks

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: dylan


Level          Password
Level  5     - Stone
Level  8     - Loose
Level 11     - Round

Hints - General strategies:
Submitted by: David K

*Build up your bonus lives by taking as few hits from enemy tanks as 

*Find a good position to take enemy tanks out from. Do not stand still, 
 keep your tank mobile within that good position. Abandon a position if
 overwhelmed. Move forward when firing and then reverse away after firing
 when appropriate.

*Keep constant fire to keep the enemy off balance. When you fire, turn
 your tank slightly while letting a volley 5 shots to get a wide range
 and maximum chance of a hit. The computer tanks can't as easily avoid a
 wide volley of shots.

*Use angle shots to your advantage. Try to trap enemy tanks in bad positions
 where shots will richochet all about them and take many hits.
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