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Trophy Bass 4 Cheats

Trophy Bass 4

* Your choice of casting method is all-important, particularly if you
  want to fish a given depth or maintain a stealthy approach. So too is
  your tackle, some of which is quite heavy and has a tendency to sink 
  quickly to the bottom of shallow waterways. 

* When joining a multiplayer game with people you don't know and trust, 
  don't ever believe that the default tackle is correct for the circumstance
  and environment. There's a very good chance your opponents are handing out
  the wrong tackle and then making a quick switch once the game has begun. 

* Even small fish can break free if you're applying too much tension. Let 
  the fish fight for a while and keep your rod down. Then slowly start 
  bringing him in, keeping the rod low and allowing him to reel it back out
  when he invariably makes another run for it.

Landing huge fish easy:
Submitted by: Dion

When you have a huge fish on your hook and you cant reel it in chase the fish
with your trolling motor (easy as pie XD).
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