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Tribal Trouble Cheats

Tribal Trouble

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Note: The following only works in the full version of the game in Single Player,
Tutorial, or Campaign modes. Press [Enter] during game play to display the dialog
box and type /iamacheater to enable cheat mode. An icon will appear in the lower-
right corner of the window to confirm correct code entry. You can now press one 
of the following keys to activate the cheat function.

Key   Result
F1  - Insert peon
F2  - Insert rock warrior
F3  - Insert iron warrior
F4  - Insert chicken warrior
F5  - Insert chieftain
F6  - Kill selected unit/building
F7  - Toggle tree visibility
F8  - Toggle wireframe mode

Easier battles:
If you have a very strong army ready to race off to kill, wait. Instead, attack 
the Armory so that the other team cannot attack you with any more Warriors. You 
can then attack the Hut that is making more peons. Finally, attack the Warriors 
and Peons remaining outside the Armory or other places.

When you are facing lots of armies, have your Peons build a hut to make lots of
Peons. Make a one or more Towers to keep the other teams away. Meanwhile, you can
get your Peons and make an Armory to get lots of Warriors. Then, sneak past the 
other team's Warriors and attack the other teams one at a time.

Get into a battle with the opposite team. Get your Peons to build a Hut to make 
Peons. Wait until there is 150 Peons in there, then send them out to the pole. 
If desired, you can build an Armory then make all your Peons Warriors. Send them
out to war. If you did not make them all Warriors and the other team is too strong,
you can always keep on doing it multiple times until you are successful.

Easy enemy ownage:
Submitted by: Chickoo

If you are battling more than 2 foes which are the foes of you and themselves 
(A1 vs A2 vs A3 vs You)then if A1 is attacking A3 wait until A3's army is destroyed 
and A1 is advancing towards its Quarter/Armory you attack the opposite what it is 
eg:A1 is attacking the Armory you attack the Quarter and it will get destroyed faster!

Multi-player Reinforcing:
Submitted by: chickoo

If you are playing multi-player, and its 2 vs 2 (you and friend vs foe 1 and foe 2).
Then, build your armoury and quarters as close as you can to the friend so you can either 
build or repair towers for or vice versa (he builds or repairs for you)!!!!
After some time, you can make ANOTHER armoury and quarter in his camp and destroy your old 
ones, so if the foes attack you or your friend....both you and he/she can defend it!!! 
Also the max towers which you can build are 14 so both you and he/she can build 28 towers 
to defend and will OWN THE FOE!!!!!!

Submitted by: chinkatungmandere

type this during the gameplay (ONLY DEMO VERSIONS)at the chating place and type send.and 
then type iron means iron warrior or rock means rock warrior then chicken for chicken 
warriors and cheif for cheiftain.But nothing for peon and other cheats as for full version.

Easy Enemy Ownage (2):
Submitted by: Chickoo

If you want to complete a mission in Story Mode (Campaign), then this is what I advise.

1) Some mission's are truly and really hard, so the only way to get better or to complete
 the mission is to either....
a)Keep on practicing until you get better (almost all the mission's require this option)
b)Get some training from a better person. I did that and complete MANY more mission's and 
finished the Native campaign except the last part...which is VERY hard.
this cheat is submitted in honor to BlueStorm, my Tribal trouble teacher/sensei

Win a battle in 5 to tean minutes:
Submitted by: Native_King

1-find a place with 1-2 entrences and plenty of iron and rock.2-make 25-50 iron/chicken 
warriors then send them at you closest enemy.3-build towers as fast as you can and try to 
make an army fast before your enemy comes back at you so you can have protection.4-wait 
untill you have at least 100 chicken warriors and mmake and leave 200 iron warriors in your 
armory then attack with the chicken warriors.5- if the army starts dieing and doesnt look 
good deploy you iron warrior army realy fast and attack.6-if youve won the match then your 
faceing a noob and have the right to call him a noob of course. but if you loose then they 
have the right to call you one so good luck dude.
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