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Tradewinds 2 Cheats

Tradewinds 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: ANMOL amthecoolest
Tradewinds,tradewinds 2,Tradewinds Legends,Tradewinds Legends Unlikely Heroes

Money Cheat:
Played Tradewinds Legends for a while and I am kinda addicted to it until I finish 
the game. However, its not really that easy to play with. You have to really manage 
your money or its called Dinar in the game properly. Otherwise, you wont be able to 
repair your ships, buy new canons, buy magics, or even repair your ships in order to 
battle with the future pirates! Some of the items even costs a bomb such as a magical 
ring cost 1 million dinar! How in the world am I supposed to get that amount of money 
if I get around tens of thousands Dinars when I complete each task? After each battle 
with pirates, I need Dinar to repair my ships and buy new canons to replace the spoilt 

Before I stop playing the game and uninstall it, I thought that I should look for cheat 
codes, trainers or hacks on how I can increase my dinar in Tradewinds Legends. Searched 
around in Google, I cant fine ZERO cheat codes or hacks for this game! I find it hard to 
believe because usually a game creator would build-in a cheat code in the game. Since 
there are no cheats for Tradewinds Legends, I thought that I should find a way to cheat 
the game myself. Whenever I load the saved games, it would load everything including how 
much Dinar I have. I looked in the saved games file which is savegame0.sav located in 
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sandlot Games\Tradewinds3″ 
with a hexeditor and couldnt find anything related to Dinar. Thought for a few minutes 
and remembered to look for references in memory. So I used a freeware called Memory Gutter 
XP to locate the Dinar and I found it! I changed the values and indeed the Dinar also 
changes according to what I changed in the memory AFTER I purchase something in the game.
This is how I did it and I believe it should work for old version Tradewinds 2 as well.

01.Download Tradewinds Legends from Reflexive Aracade and install.
02.Download Memory Gutter XP and install.
03.Play Tradewinds Legends and save 4999 Dinar in the Bank(you are pathetic if you can't 
   even arrange that.It can be easily obtained after doing a task or two.
04.Press Esc button to play Tradewinds Legends in windowed mode. Now run Memory Gutter XP.
05.Click on Open Task button and select Tradewinds Legends process and click OK.
06.Click on Search button from Memory Gutter XP, type 4999 in Value 1 and click OK.
07.You should see some memory address starting to appear in Memory Gutter XP. Double click
   all the found memory addresses and it will be added to the box below.
08.Right click on the below box memory addresses and select Poke.
09.Enter the value 999999999. Thats the maximum number you can enter as it can only support
   9 characters the most. Trust me, that amount of money will last you throughout the game.
10.Do the same for the rest of the found memory address youve added to the below box in 
   Memory Gutter XP.
11.Go to bank to withdraw 1 Dinar and youll now have 1000 Million Dinar in Tradewinds 
   Legends! the bank.

*You Can can even freeze the value by clicking on Freeze after right clicking on the correct
value.A [F] should appear beside it.And withdraw money again and again.I made 25 billion!

Its a little difficult to find the correct value(s) but you can do it after you buy something 
as the value will change from 999999999 or the thing you've typed to something else.

Ps: If any doubt pesists mail me at -

Hint: Save cannon fire:
Submitted by: David K

In a battle, if you have loads of money, buy cheap fire pots and chain ammos. By clicking
the "fire pot" and "chain ammo throw" button continously, you hardly have to do any cannon

Build your dynasty early:
Submitted by: Admin_Digger

This isn't so much a cheat as it is a tip. You have to build your dynasty early on in the
game to achieve greatness later on. The game is filled with tasks from all of the Governors.
The object of this tip is to build yourself up to at least 3 or 4 tasks...then STOP! Don't 
fulfill any more tasks for a while. At this point you need to build your money up. What I 
do is go back and forth between 2 or 3 cities and trade products, buy bigger ships and fight
more pirates. This takes quite a long time but it's worth it in the end.
One advantage is that the pirates you fight stay the same, they don't advance in strength 
until you fill more tasks.
Once you get to 50 million gold (I said it takes time) then you can freely advance in the 
game (as long as you buy the Port Authority Ragdoll. There are 2, one for 50M and one for 
100M. They allow you to safely trade "contraband" in any port. Otherwise you'll lose your 

Submitted by: K.J

This is a simple tip. In any port, visit the bar and buy a round of drinks. Then you 
can get information from the bartender.The bartender will tell you what'd be contraband
in which place and when.

At the first time, you can have your warehouse in Port Royale only. 
When you get money from the fight or from the trading, invest your money to expand the 
Maximum size you can get is 9,999 store space.

Once you have the information from the bartender, buy those goods and save them in your 
warehouse. Then the contraband time comes, go back your warehouse and sell it.

ex) Wine will be contraband in May in Port Royale. Then buy wines in advance when it's
cheap enough like 5,500 or 6,000. In May, go back to your warehouse and you will see 
the price of wine is so high because of contraband. Wine price is 13,000 or higher. You
can get a lot of money. Then buy tobacco and wait for the contraband. Do the same thing.

Trading contraband safely:
Build your dynasty early to achieve greatness later. You can get plenty of tasks from
all the Governors. Build yourself up to at least three or four tasks, then stop. Do 
not fulfill any more tasks for awhile. At this point build up your money. Travel back 
and forth between two or three cities and trade products, buy bigger ships and fight 
more pirates. This will take some time. One advantage is that the pirates you fight 
will stay the same. They will not advance in strength until you complete more tasks.
Once you accumulate 50 million gold begin to freely advance. Note: Purchase the Port
Authority Ragdoll. There are two versions which cost 50 million and 100 million. 
They will allow you to safely trade "contraband" in any port. 

Easy gold:
In any port, visit the bar and buy a round of drinks. You can get information from
the bartender. The bartender will tell you what items will be contraband in various
places and when this will happen. At first, you can only have your warehouse in Port
Royale. When you get money from fighting or trading, invest it to expand the warehouse.
The maximum size you can get is 9,999 storage space. Once you have the information
from the bartender, buy those goods and save them in your warehouse. When those items
are considered contraband, go back your warehouse and sell them. For example, suppose
that wine will be contraband in May in Port Royale. Buy wine in advance when it is 
cheap enough (5,500 or 6,000 gold). In May, go back to your warehouse and you will 
notice that the price of wine is very high because of contraband status (at least 
13,000 gold).

Easy, Easy money:
Submitted by: Whydoyouwannaknow

So in Trade Winds 2 the first time I played it, it was so friggin hard. So i decided to 
look for cheats. NONE! i was surprised, so since I was a longtime user of Cheat Engine
(now referred as CE) I hacked it and here's how:

First download Trade Winds 2 and Cheat engine(I use 5.5 but 5.6 or newer is good too).
 have CE on first then Tradewinds 2(further referred as TW2). Start a new game or load 
a saved one. After click the small computer on the top left hand corner. Go to the bottom 
and you will see a bunch of numbers followed by TW2_vista.exe, click it. I will refer to 
a new account in progress. You will start with 1000. So type 1000 in the search box and 
click First Scan. Alot of addresses will come up in the left hand side box. Since it would 
be harder to change all of those just change the amount of money you have. I bought a fish. 
Fishes cost 20 so my amount was 980. Type 980 in the search box and click Next Scan
(Do NoT cLiCk First Scan or you have to start over). I ended up with 3 addresses that all 
control money. So just change all three(I think there's 3 to protect malfunction so kinda 
like backup or to control three things: Screen showing, Script Put-in, and Backup) 
So I changed the amount to 9999999999. I believe that was 9 billion+ but it didn't go 
that high so uhhhh yeah. butit gave me 1 billion instead(im guessing it doesnt have 
trillion in frim the fish selling money) End of Hack. GOOD LUCK! Malfunction ROBOT ALERT 
CODE ACCESS Hack TW2 type code lol RED ALERT end transmission. 
Stupid robot getting in the way oh well GOOD LUCK
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