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TrackMania Sunrise Cheats

TrackMania Sunrise

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Easy stunts:
An easy way to do stunts in the SUV is go off the corner of a ramp or
crash into a wall or obstacle to flip uncontrollably. Note: You can stop
the uncontrollable spins by holding [Right] or [Left] against the spin 
or brake.In the Lamborghini, speed up and go off into a wall or hold a 
direction to spinout. In the coupe-like car, it is nearly impossible to 
do stunts due to its low acceleration and speed. If you can get enough 
speed, do the same thing and go off the corner of the ramp or ram into 
an obstacle.

Access to all tracks without Gold medals: 
Submitted by: Haspa

Locate the track you would like to play, but is locked (for example, 
Copy it to the directory 
"\TrackMania Sunrise\GameData\Tracks\Challenges\Downloaded". 
Start the game and go to solo/single challenges. 
The map "Downloaded" will now contain the copied track, which now 
can be played without the Gold medal requirement.
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