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Toxic 2 Cheats

Toxic 2

Submitted by: RM

Blue portals are secret rooms:
There is one in the second level: at the beginning, wall jump above the level and
walk to the right. Fall down and you get to a really annoying secret level. I beat
it, after a ton of tries. 

Secret in Level 2:
Get to the secret level in level 2 you should Wall jump to the top of the level 
and where you see a gap between pipes above you, jump up it, walk right and drop
onto the secret blue transporter. 

Secret exit in level 6:
When you get past the spiders at the start, before you start the wall jumping,
at the bottom of that wall is a bombable section. Bomb it to reveal a room 
with the hidden exit! 

Tip for defeating the Mother:
You should crouch and then press "space" next to it. Also, on the left side,
go up to the platform, then the one left of it, and finally go right to the
next one. This is a safe spot from fragments and the laser.

All the secret levels:
2.1: After climbing the first column, there will be a hole in the ceiling. 
     Go through it, walk left, and drop.
6.1: This one proved to be some trouble. After passing the first hallway with 
     spiders, don't go up the column. Instead, blow up the piece of wall on the
     right side of it.
7.1  At the start, use the ledge bombs to climb up and to the right. After that, 
     just follow the hallway to the left. 
9.1: Play the level as you would normally. When you reach the end portal, drop 
     down and to the right, precisely below it. 
12.1: Play the level as you would normally. When you reach the end portal, go the 
      left. The wall is slightly blueish here, and can be blown up. Blow it up 
      (it might take a while) and follow the hall left. Also, the level you unlock
      is the hardest in the whole game by far.
13.1: Play the level as you would normally. To the left of the end portal there is
      a digger bomb spawn. Grab it, then jump to the right of the end portal, aiming
      towards the little platforms against a wall. Plant the digger mine here, facing
      right, so it'll blow up the red switch. Run to the left where the digger bomb
      spawn is, wait for the red blocks to pop up, then follow them quickly. 
16.1: This one is a major pain in the butt. Play the level as you would normally. 
      When you reach the end portal, jump to the left and climb the column. There 
      will be a ledge bomb spawn. Grab it, and head back to the start. Drop down to
      the start of the level, and replay it until you reach the first gap. Here, use
      the ledges to climb up to a little cove. 
17.1: Play the level as you would normally. Near the end, there is a place where you
      have to dig a tunnel through some terrain above a pit full of lasers. Its just
      before the end portal. Here, place a digger bomb pointing upwards. Go to the 
      left, and there'll be destroyable terrain against the left wall. Destroy it 
      with the digger bomb, and proceed left. 
18.1: The first part of the level goes like this: you drop down a long column, then 
      go up another. This is repeated several times. When you're climbing up for the 
      third time, there will be a fake wall in the top left. Go through it. Its the 
      place where there are four power bars in a small cove below a moving laser. 
20.1: Defeat the boss. Walk right past the portal, and climb up the column. Go left,
      and instead of dropping down the shaft with the power bars that leads back to 
      the portal, go up the hole in the ceiling. Walk left and left and left until 
      you reach a little cove. The level you unlock is by far the coolest in the 
      whole game.
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