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Townopolis Cheats


Submitted by: David K.

The game is timed and you need every second to fulfill the goals in time to get the gold
star. Therefore it is highly advisable to pause the game every time you are not sure what
to do next and right in the beginning to plan ahead without losing time. 

Inspections are only preventing buildings of getting damaged as long until you change 
something. If you upgrade a building in any way after an inspection it can get broken 
again until you do a new inspection on it. 

The time period between new monthly incomes takes fifteen seconds. 

While blueprints are in your possession from the moment you purchase them, licenses have
to be purchased again in every new level. Take into account that every license upgrade 
increases the monthly income about 20 %, while one star upgrade only increases it by 10 %
(that means three stars increase the income about 30%). 

The monthly income by each house/apartment is strongly influenced by the happiness of 
the inhabitants. That means it is very advisable to demolish buildings near to them only 
when you also have the money to clear the plot of the debris immediately after to make 
sure that the happiness does not decrease. 

While houses/apartments are upgraded or get repaired you do not get a monthly income from 
them. So it is advisable to do upgrading and repairing mainly when you just received the 

Family house:
The happiness of a family house gets increased by one for each family house that is built 
next to it. The happiness of apartment blocks is not affected by other apartment blocks. 
However, the houses' happiness gets decreased when they are built near old blocks, old 
houses, apartment blocks as well as the post office, the supermarket and the restaurant,
while apartment blocks are not affected by those buildings. 

If you click on the "train-worker" or "order-material" buttons more than once the orders
get scheduled. 

Try to employ every worker you have as often as possible and assign additional workers when 
one or two are still available. You can assign additional workers for every task, that means 
constructing, upgrading, repairing, demolishing and clearing. 

Clear Forest:
The cost of clearing debris depends on how large the former building was. To clear forest 
always costs 30,000$.
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