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Tower of the Sorceror Cheats

Tower of the Sorceror

Walkthrough: Levels 1-10
By SheRaven -

First a few general tips: 
- Never fight an enemy if you do not need to - 
you will only get hurt. Wait until you are stronger 
and they can not hurt you anymore easy money gold. 

- Never open a door if you do not need to, you need 
all the keys you can get and on one of the much higher 
floors you can sell the keys that you do not need anymore 
(only the gold ones) for 100 gold each, and you will need 
the gold, watch it! 

- As soon as your gold is 20, go to the altar and raise 
your deffensive power by 4 

- As soon as your gold is 40, go to the altar and raise 
your deffensive power by 4. 

- As soon as your gold is 80, go to the altar and raise 
your offensieve power by 2 

Do not raise anymore on floor 1 -10! 

- After raising your powers go for the keys: 5 gold keys 
for 50 gold and one blue key for 50 gold 

Red warp: This will give you information about the enemy, 
you will see that if you get stronger the enemy gets weaker 
and even turns to zero points at a moment, now the slaying 
can start, not sooner, you will only get hurt for nothing. 

Blue warp: This will give you the power to warp between 
floors, go stand next to a stair and use the blue warp 
(with your mouse control) and go up or down. 

White warp: This will store the information form the 
merchants (after you buy something, talk to them again 
and they will give you a hint) and the wise men. 

Go to floor 3, beat 1 green slime, 1 red slime and 1 
green slime on floor 1, you meet zeno the big boss, now 
you get a little story and you end up in the dungeon with 
a thief. The thief will help you escape and now the climb 
starts. Go to floor 3, get the bottles and keys, beat 1 
green slime, walk to old man and get red warp, go directly 
to the stair to floor 4, beat red slime, go to the stair, 
do not fight or open doors if you do not need to. Floor 5, 
go to corner under right, beat 2 green and 1 red, and get 
sword (stand against wall and it will break down), now walk 
up right, beat red slime and 2 greens, and get keys, and go 
back to floor 4, walk to altar beat red slime, (you will 
need blue key) if you did it my way, you will have 20 gold 
and get you defensive power up by 4 points. Walk to room 
under right corner and beat priest and get crystal (your 
offensive power goes up), now go to floor 1 

Floor 1, walk to middle room right up and beat bat, priest, 
bat to get the blue and red crystal and key, now go to floor 3 

Floor 3, walk to upper left room beat bat and go in room with 
priest, get the key, crystal and the bottle, after that the 
room right under that one (skeleton) and take the crystal, 
key and bottle. 

Go to floor 4, go to room left under and beat bat and one 
green slime to get the 3 keys. 

Go to Floor 5, get the 2 keys (left middle), beat bat, red 
slime and a bat again, now you have gold enough to go back 
to the altar and raise your defensive power again on floor 4 

Go to floor 5 and go to stair next floor, you have to beat 
1 bat. Floor 6, go to middle, up and to room upper left (red 
slime) and get keys, now down, do not use the middle path, 
but open 3 doors to get to stair next floor, beat 2 red slimes 
and get bottles. 

Floor 7, this is tough, first go to beat the priest in the 
middle passage, now go to room (left up) with a bat, bottle 
and red crystal, beat bat and take the rest, now go down to 
toom with 1 bat and 2 keys, beat bat take keys, now go up 
room right with no door but a skeleton C in front of it, beat 
him and take bottle and keys, now go back to the middle path 
and go to next stairs, beat skeleton B to floor 8 (you have 4 
keys with you) 

Floor 8, go to right, get 3 keys, beat green slime, now up 
the stairs to floor 9 

Floor 9, go right beat green slimes, get bottle and get keys, 
get red crystal and blue crystal beat bat, red slimes, bat, 
priest, priest and skeleton B, now to shield is yours. Now go 
to floor 5, get blue crystal and white warp, you have to beat 
skeleton B and priest, your gold is now over 80 so go to the 
altar on floor 4, the priests are nothing for you anymore, 
slay them all! Floor 4, after raising your power beat priest 
and take blue and gold key and bottle. 

Go to floor 3, get priest, key and bottle 

Go to floor 1 to get the keys, bottles and the blue warp, 
beat skeleton C and skeleton B, now the last room on this 
floor with a bat, 2 greens and bottle, get them. Go to floor 
6, beat skeleton (under left room) and priest, take crystal 
and talk to old man, now go up to right room, beat priest, 
take key, beat green slime. Back to floor 9, go to blue door 
and go to floor 10, only get the blue and red crystal, you 
have to beat one skeleton next to the crystals and 2 priest 
no more no less. Go to Floor 7 beat skeleton B and get keys 
and bottle, now you have more than 50 gold go to the merchant 
on floor 6 to buy a blue key (50 gold), beat bat and get the 
bottle. Go to Floor 8, try to get the crystals and the blue 
key, and bottle, beat priest, bat, skeleton C, bat, green 
slime, bat, skeleton C, skeleton B. and after that go for it 
get the red key, check with the red warp if you can beat the 
guardians. After you beat them, check all the floors if there 
is key or bottle left and get them, Remember that you do not 
need to beat every enemy on floor 1 to 10, you can leave them 
alone, until you get much stronger and they do not hurt you 

Now go to floor 10, take the last bottle and go to red door, 
now fight last skeletons and the boss and win! After the big 
fight a fairy will appear to put down your score and some 
crystals and bottles win be you price so far, now the stair 
to floor 11 will appear and the way is clear to floor 11-20.
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