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Totem Tribe Cheats

Totem Tribe

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

If you cant find an item, go to "Totem Tribedata exturegameitem folder" and find your item.
Open it with paint, and paint white/black areas with red (its your choice). Save it, and 
enter game. It become more visible.

Secret Pirate Island:
On island worship, there are four areas which are pink sparklings, you need to put any unit 
every circle, for example put scouts on SW, put warriors on SE, sent the workers to build a 
tower on NW, and then picked one of the workers and put on the circle at NE.

For the area in the comet I found building what is needed to get everything built (put 
fighters in between those buildings or they will be easily destroyed) then filling all the
other space with fighters, healers, enough builders to be able to repair quickly all the 
time, and a few towers in areas you don't see many troops is the best way to go. Do NOT 
keep your army clumped at a flag and the whole area is filled with fighters who provide 
enough protection to get 0 to minimal damage when you're being attacked every minute. Once 
you build up your army get the combat spell ready and get them together in the area right 
before the (boss) then move to flag to attack then cast your spell when they begin fighting
(so you don't lose spell time) and make another one quickly and use it. CANCEL your fighting 
flag when you start to lose most of your men (usually while making 2nd spell) so regenerated
troops stay to protect buildings, and let the rest die out fighting. After you have repaired
all your buildings and army, do it again and again til the boss is dead. If you're having 
problems finding the boss it's because it's mainly secret passages. (look top middle and 
use your minimap). Others open up afte  you defeat the boss and so on.

Open Chest:
To open up the chest, navigate the hunter to the chest.

Cradle of the North Totem Locations:
Dolphin     - In the water on the left.
Whale       - In the water on the right.
Seagull     - Upper left near where are the seagulls are flying.
Monkey      - Top center (tower needed to see it clearly).
Polar Bear  - Near your base in the icy area.
Lizard      - NE from base, surrounded by pebbles.

How to find every single item:
Go to your folder: Totem Tribe/date/texture/game/item. You'll find ".png" images of the 
items. Open them in GIMP or Paint and change the background to a red or pink and save. 
Start the game. You'll be able to find the items quite quickly then. In later levels you'll
search for crystals. They can be found in sub-folder "structure" instead of "item".

Turn off the Fog Of War:
Go to "C:/Program Files/Totem Tribe/datacfg" and make a backup copy of "gamevisual.cfg" then 
open it with wordpad and scroll to the fow colors and change the dense so it matches the clear
color as seen below.


Note: The fog of war is still used on minimap and you still have to expand by building, but 
this will show you the entire screen so you know where to go. (I also changed the mist and 
cloud colors I found in another config file so all of them are light as well.

Build anywhere:
To build pretty much anywhere (in trees and mountains and middle of water) backup and open 
"gamelogic.cfg" with wordpad and change the 0.1 to 0.0 as seen below. 0.0 note builders do 
get stuck sometimes but can be fixed by destroying the bld. or build anything close enough 
they get unstuck then you can cancel it. Remember not to block pathways so you don't get a 
traffic jam. Last note. When building somewhere out of reach it still takes that extra time
to auto complete itself. There are many more tweaks you can do by just looking around the 
config as well as "C:/Program Files/Totem Tribe/dataleveloriginal" where you can see exactly
how many items and monsters as well as solutions to puzzles. Don't forget to back up files.

Code I found in level folder. 

At the oracle lake press "Blue", "Yellow", "Violet", "Green", "Red" (colors) to get 3 meteors
to use as well as. 

Press "Red", "Blue", "Yellow", "Violet", "Green" to get a chest of jewels.

Watch for the guide stones and make sure you read them all. They are filled with useful 
information about your location, hints about where to find things and clues about how to 
solve the puzzles!

Submitted by: David K.

* While workers only fulfill one task at a time, training more workers quickly will get 
  the tasks completed much sooner. 

* If Aruku or Goru are killed you will have to restart the game. To keep them safe you 
  can click on them and drag them to safety. 

* Scouts are the best unit to send out to explore the land. They are quicker, have special 
  abilities and this allows you to keep your army near to defend the village.

* Guiding stones provide worthwhile information, hints and tips to complete puzzles.

* Always click on the Guiding Stones to see what valuable information they contain.

Gem painting:
Many people have experienced difficulty finding all the gems that are hidden among the 
many islands of Totem Tribe. Since many times the gems are positioned to "blend in" 
with the background, here is a procedure whereby you can "paint" the gem images the 
game uses so they are easier to see.

* First, exit out of the game completely.
* Next, locate the directory in which the gem images are stored: 
  C:\Program Files\Totem Tribe\data\texture\game\item
* Make a backup of this directory for safe keeping.
* The gems (there are 7 of them) are all stored in files named like this one:
* Right-click on each and select "Open With" and choose Paint.
  (the program included with Windows).
* Paint will come up with the picture you chose.
* The easiest thing to do is to choose the spray paint option and the larger "speckle"
  and choose a color like burgundy or purple or something that more than likely isn't
  in the level.
* When done, choose "save".
* Launch the game, and your gems should be much easier to see now!

Purple pyramids puzzle: 
(WinXP, your mileage may vary)

Go to "..\Totem Tribe\data\level\original" then COPY and SAVE "level19.xml".
Open "level19.xml2 with notepad or any other editor that can handle xml files.
Find the text that says: structure hint="cr_#" There will be 5 of these, and they take
a little searching because they're mixed into a very long list of structure commands. 

Here's the one for cr_2: 
structure hint="cr_2" type="Crystal" x="457" y="1416"

What we're going to do is change the x and y values for cr_3, cr_4, and cr_5 
(1 and 2 are the crystals near the comet and will be left alone.)

Orignally these values read: 

 cr_3: x="2272" y="1253" 
 cr_4: x="1780" y="1675" 
 cr_5: x="2369" y="2236" 

Change them as follows: 

 cr_3: x="672" y="1553" 
 cr_4: x="680" y="1375" 
 cr_5: x="669" y="1136"

Find the spot that reads: area name="cr_#". 

Here's a sample:  area name="cr_3" radius="32" x="672" y="1553" 

These are a little easier because they're right next to each other. Change the x and y
values to match the ones you used in the last set. Save the file. Open Totem Tribe. You
probably have to restart the level. The 5 crystals should now form a rough sort of V 
around the comet/totem crystal, and all fit on the screen at the same time. It should 
now be possible to click them all in the allotted time.

Addendum to Purple Pyramids Puzzle:
Submitted by: liobhain

If you continue searching the "level19.xml" file for: 
[area name="cr_3" radius="32" x="2272" y="1253" /]  you can change these to match the 
new x,y values changed in "Purple pyramids puzzle" in order to move effects, etc. 
(In my file, the area names are defined in this order 3, 1, 2, 4, 5.)

How to make your hut able to recharge magic spell:
Submitted by: trangttuong

open C:\Program Files\Totem Tribe\data\cfg, find the file called building(backup it just 
in case you mess up). Open it with notepad. Now use press ctrl+f to find the phrase "temple" 
a few lines below there is a bunch of sentence begin with "ability"
Ex:[ability type="charge"]Purification [/ability]. This line means "allow the building to 
charge Purification spell". Now copy all of those ability you want ( there are 6 of em there) 
then press ctrl+f again. now find with the direction is up the phrase "[ability type="spawn"]
Worker[/ability]". when you found it. press enter then paste all the ability you want there 
(remember, the symbol "<" is need to be equal with the line above, or it will make a bug and 
you cant play the game). Then check and make sure there is no empty line, and all "<" symbol 
is equal. Then save. Now your hut have the abikity to charge every spell you want 
(Note: each hut can only charge 1 spell at a time, then it will not charge any more until 
you already used that spell).

To find king shade:
Submitted by: Maddie

On dreamshore, you will notice every time you battle and defeat a prince shade, you earn a 
dark glow. Add the four glows to the boxes near the village. A purple glow will show. 
When enyone enters this, they will be teleported to the king shades abyss. 
When you defeat the king shade, the island in the abyss falls and kills most of your fighters. 
Then the lodges will reproduce.
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