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Total Soccer 2000 Cheats

Total Soccer 2000

Is it possible to edit referees' stats?:
Yes, it is. This is what to do: 
Open the "referee.dat" (x:\games\total soccer\sys\referee.dat) in
your team designer (in example c:\games\team  data\teamdes.exe). 

* Now a team containing not players, but referees appear. 
* Now you can edit the referees' stats the same way, you usually 
  edit player skills. 
* The only rating that means something, though, is their keeper skill.
* That determines how strict a referee is.
* Maximum 100 means that the referee gives at least three red cards
  per game (a little exaggerated maybe). 
* Minimum 1 means more or less this: "That's not a free kick! 
  He isn't entirely dead yet"

Submitted by: master

Go to the team data folder in your game and open the word document
there. You can edit all that you want by editing the document.
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