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Total Annihilation Kingdoms The Iron Plague Cheats

Total Annihilation - Kingdoms - The Iron Plague

* Build a Smithy as soon as possible, and crank out a few Mechanics 
right away. Use them to build an Academy, and then build a couple 
of Chief Engineers. Then start building fighting units.

* Use a Chief Engineer to build Mana Amplifiers as soon as possible.
They're much more efficient at mana extraction than Refineries.

* Don't bother with Gatling Crossbows; they're slow and weak. 
Prismatic Mirrors are infinitely more effective defensive turrets.
Build them in rows of three or four for an incredibly strong defense.

* Automations are incredibly slow melee units. Stay away from them 
and use Tortoises, Shock Troopers, and Beast Riders for ground 
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