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Total Extreme Wrestling 2010 Cheats

Total Extreme Wrestling 2010

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Randomize traits:
Enter the "Options" menu, then select "Remote Assistance". Enter
"joker" This will give every character a completely new personality
by randomizing all eleven of their behavioral traits, adding a new 
layer of unpredictability to your game.

Code            Effect
sophie        - increases every user talent to its maximum level.
Joker         - Randomizes all Behavioral Traits.
worldmarket   - makes every worker available in every game area		
headswillroll - vacates all owner and head booker positions for AI-
                controlled promotions vacates all owner and head booker
                positions for AI-controlled promotions.
dollhouse     - This code changes everybody's personality so that they
                become the perfect employee, both pleasant backstage and 
                easy to manage.
Saveus        - All promotions with financial issues get a money boost.
Amnesia       - All relationships are forgotten.
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