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Total Annihilation Kingdoms Cheats

Total Annihilation - Kingdoms

Cheat Codes:
Begin a game in skirmish or multiplayer mode. 
Press [Enter] to display the message box. 
Press [Plus] and enter one of the following codes. 
Press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. 
Note: Enter the code again to de-activate.

Effect                                      Code 
1000 metal and energy                      - atm  
Units say different things when moved      - bigbrother 
Show the data transfer in multi            - player bps 
Start CD music                             - cdstart  
In-game clock                              - clock  
Kill all other players' units              - combustion  
Display a 3D contour type                  - contour  
Control a different skirmish AI            - control  
Dithering instead of line of sight         - dither  
All weapons do twice damage                - doubleshot  
Alternate fog color                        - fogcolor
All weapons do half damage                 - halfshot  
Units honk when stopping                   - honk  
Instant loss                               - ilose  
Toggle fog of war                          - infrared  
Instant win                                - iwin 
Kills specified player                     - kill <1-4>
Hide shaded object; all buildings dark     - light 
Change color                               - logo 
Limited resource increase                  - lushee  
Screen shot of map in .BMP format          - makeposter  
Dark screen                                - mapping  
Random meteor shower                       - meteor  
Rename indicated unit                      - nameunit 
Nanolathing and metal using doubled        - nanolathing  
No energy                                  - noenergy  
No metal                                   - nometal 
No screen shaking during explosion         - noshake  
Full map; disable line of sight            - nowisee  
100% radar coverage                        - radar  
Reload AI                                  - reloadaiprofiles  
Toggle chat text in multi-player           - screenchat  
Toggle radar mini-map                      - seti  
Toggle sound effects                       - sfx  
Share radar information                    - sharemapping  
Share radar information                    - shareradar  
Units target all enemies                   - shootall  
Hold [Shift] to show range of pointed unit - showranges 
Units sing when given orders               - sing  
Press number keys to change squads         - switchalt  
Maximum men and material                   - tilt  
View selected players metal and energy     - view 
Faster unit building                       - zipper  

Here's How to Ally with the Computer in Skirmish:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

Play a skirmish when you get to the player screen example: 

Player arm 1000 1000, computer core 1000 1000 in between player and 
arm is an ally symbol like. Now pick 3 players now click the ally symbol. 
Make sure you have the same as the one as the computer if not you will be 
destroyed in battle. Note: You can't ally with 3 or the computer will say 
you can't ally with 3 ok now what you do is find the one or the last player 
possible and make sure he's got a different ally symbol from yours and your 
teammate. When you and your teammate have allyed by having the same symbol 
and the enemy has a different one, your ready to play any level. But before 
you do you have to know whose who. Ok here's what I do: Pick a color for my 
commander like RED and my team mate BLUE and the enemy BLACK. 
Now when I play look at the radar to see the color. 

Find the blue team then go to him and you now have allieed notice 
a few things: 

1: You can repair his units and he can repiar yours
2: Your teammate will NOT fire on you 
3: You can help your team mate build things fast 
4: Make sure you build as well as his units are not   
very much so help him by building defenses the more 
you and he builds the better and armoured your bease 
is trust me ive allyed with 3 against 1 and guess 
what happened we won id rate total annihilation 9/10

Rename Selected Units: 
To rename any unit, press ENTER while playing, then type +rename X, 
where X is the name of the unit you wish to rename. 

Use Multiple Dragons:
How to play with multiple dragons. You must play as Aramon. Use the 
Monarch to kill another sides build unit such as a shamen then resurect
him from the dead and use him to build that sides dragon. Possible to 
have all four dragons. 
Only tried this in skirmish mode Total Annihilation: Kingdoms

Campaign mode mission select:
Click on the "Single Player" icon. Type drdeath at the single player game
screen. A Cavedog Entertainment bone symbol will appear between the "Load 
Game" and "Previous Menu" icons on the right side of the screen. 
Click on the bone will to enter the mission select screen.

Ten player skirmish:
Type [Asterisk]X at the opponent/ally selection screen. To specify another 
number of players substitute "X" with a roman numeral from 3 to 10. For 
example, [Asterisk]III will result in a three player skirmish.

Steal technology:
When a Mage Builder, Priestess, Beast Tamer or any of the other builders 
approach your base, kill them then take your monarch out to resurrect them.
You will be able to have the other team's technology.

Choose Taros as a clan/race and build a Temple. Then, build a Mindmage and 
use it to attack another clan/race's building unit. You will be able to use 
it as desired. Note: This also works on attacking units.

Skip levels:
To skip a level (or chapter), intentionally die. Then, when on the defeated 
page, return to main menu. Return to your game and you will be able skip the
chapter by pressing the right arrow.
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