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Top Gun Hornets Nest Cheats

Top Gun - Hornet's Nest

Tip 1:
When flying a mission that doesn't have a time limit, 
periodically return to your home air base or carrier 
to repair damage and reload weapons. Both are rarely 
more than a few minutes away, and this can be the key
to surviving and completing many of the game's tougher 

Tip 2:
The game will allow you to lock up ground targets with 
air-to-air missiles and vice versa, so feel free to 
improvise with whatever you've got the most of. 

Tip 3
The best way to spoof incoming missiles is to dial your 
radar down to its minimum range so that you can see its 
inbound red icon more closely; then yank and bank abruptly
just before a missile hits while pumping out plenty of 
chaff and flares (or better yet, turn on auto chaff/ 
flares at the options menu).
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